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Pictured below are two of America’s most high-profile tax cheats,  – the ‘Reverend’ Al Sharpton – race-baiter from NY City,  and Cheatin’ China Joe of Wilmington, Delaware. Sharpton has owed back taxes for at least 15 years – to NY City,  to NY State,  and to the IRS. “Pay your FAIR SHARE” Joe Biden seems […]

In his desperate bid to remain a relevant figure in America’s race struggle,  Tax-Dodger and lifelong race-baiter Al Sharpton came to Tulsa Friday – “Juneteenth”. He should be deeply embarrassed by the tiny crowd he drew. He didn’t come to offer help or healing,  – he just bashed Trump.  video:

Wednesday morning’s urgent visit with lifelong race-baiting tax-dodger Al Sharpton highlights the sheer hypocrisy of Sanders’ entire political theology.   Why at age 72 does he still have no Black friends of his own,  – after spending his entire life on either the public payroll – or on the public dole…? Suddenly he needs Black friends […]

A week of rioting,  303 shootings,  155 murders,  – including 3 killed just last night,…and the most inept of America’s big-city mayors has acted!   She’s fired her Black Police Chief Anthony Batts, – and replaced him [on an interim basis] with his white deputy. Now guess who’s gonna be her new whipping boy?

These must be gut-wrenching days for Leftniks…. Trey Gowdy is closing in on Hillary’s treason,  and Sanders is telling the left-over hippies exactly what they want to hear – “strip and eat the rich”…

Al Sharpton Wins Best Actor!

February 23rd, 2015

Al Sharpton emerges as Capo-di-tutti-Capi of the “Racial Forgiveness and Atonement” racket. Jesse Jackson is going to be REALLY PISSED, – that used to be HIS rice bowl. Sharpton makes a ‘deal’ with Sony Pictures executive Amy Pascal [she of the racist Obama emails] – giving him a say-so on how movies are made.  There […]

The NYPD‘s 34,000 cops should have been expecting this, – their new Mayor is a life-long commie.  He’s taken sides, essentially telling them to leave the street thugs alone. The clue was there early when he campaigned against “Stop, Question, and Frisk”.  He won Black and Hispanic votes by squawking about racial profiling.  He ignored […]

With Ferguson Missouri set to explode in America’s first major race riot of the decade,  and Al Sharpton taking center stage before the cameras to talk about white policemen shooting unarmed black teens,…it is fitting to remember just how big a fraud he is. Between his personal income, his for-profit Raw Talent and Ravels Communications, […]

Anybody replacing Eric Holder as US Attorney General is wading into cesspool of racial prejudice and flagrant criminal cover-up.  Obama wouldn’t nominate anybody who hasn’t already promised to continue Holder’s work of covering his ass…. So – as rumors suggest, – has Obama become so totally detached from his job that Al Sharpton got to […]