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Bottom Line? Islam wants you DEAD!   A group of al-Shabaab fanatics in Kismayo, Somalia attacked the Asasey Hotel, killing 26, wounding 56, – including every Westerner they could find. The four 7th Century attackers were eventually sent to meet Allah,  but not before they’d killed two Americans, three Kenyans, three Tanzanians, a Brit, a Canadian,  […]

UPDATE:  at least 6 dead,  gunmen being hunted in Munich Germany’s Olympia Einkaufszentrum Shopping Center. Next time you’re in an American mall, – take a close look at those unarmed “mall cops” who are supposed to be preventing shoplifters.  They couldn’t handle a terrorist! Remember September 2013,  when Al-Shabaab attacked the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, […]

147 Dead Kenyan Students,   21 Copts in Libya… Mister pResident – can you explain your anti-terrorism strategy again? So many different groups, – what do they all have in common?

Muslim Murder In Kenyan Mall

September 21st, 2013

Amazing it hasn’t happened here – a terrorist attack inside a crowded mall. Westgate Mall in Nairobi Kenya – a nice place – became a target of Somali Islamists today – an al Qaeda linked group called al Shabaab.