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“Obama was actually my greatest disappointment…” Soros was sounding like a jilted lover,  – told the NY Times Obama only called him – once – for just 5 minutes,  to thank him for putting him in office.  Never called again and wouldn’t take his calls….

ATTN Minnesota Democrats:   This lecherous clown you sent to Washington merely demeaned and disgraced you. The clues were there long before you voted.   Do better next time.

These must be gut-wrenching days for Leftniks…. Trey Gowdy is closing in on Hillary’s treason,  and Sanders is telling the left-over hippies exactly what they want to hear – “strip and eat the rich”…

Obama Cartel Running Scared!

November 23rd, 2013

They long for those good old days of easy photo-ops – before everything came unglued. Al Franken – the flaming liberal Saturday Nite Live clown that Minnesota sent to the US Senate as a joke on all of us in 2008 – is one of 22 left-wing Class II Senators up for re-election in 2014.  […]

Another Frightening Picture

September 5th, 2013

VOTER WARNING: Elect a CLOWN; Get a CLOWN!   In the case of Minnesota – they got an obnoxious clown. When Al Franken was on Saturday Nite Live he was known for his cutting snarky sarcasm. Nothing has changed. Yesterday he was enjoying his TV time in the well of the Senate – and tried […]