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Install the Acorn Stairlift at WARP Speed! Sad,  frightening!  Biden stumbles again getting on Air Force One.

He’s far worse off than Hillary was in 2016.  Between Dementia and Parkinson’s,  – they keeping him moving with drugs (like Hitler in WWII).  2 videos:

Happy New Year Suckas – PAY UP!

December 31st, 2012

You drank my Kool-Aid, – now pay my taxes! Party Hardy Tonight MoonBats – you’ve got some checks to write – payable to ‘Turbo-Tax’ Timmy. And believe me – I need the money. Just look at all the stuff I need to spend it on:

Obama’s Not Feelin’ The Love

December 18th, 2009

Poor Obama! Wherever he flys these days,  he just isn’t feeling the love.  Let’s see – he’s been to France, Moscow [they wouldn’t shake his hand], Africa, China, Japan, Oslo, Copenhagen [twice], West Point, Fort Hood, Boston, NAS Jacksonville, Old Dominion U, UN HQ in NYC, Martha’s Vineyard, the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Buchenwald, Cairo, Riyadh, Las […]