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…well,…actually they die from BAD ideas that just sounded good. The Crispy Critters of Grenfell Tower died believing that by living in an over-clad high-rise apartment building,  – they were “helping to save Mother Earth”.

Little wonder that RiNOs like Scott Brown, Charlie Baker, Ron Kaufman, Momma Kangas, the Mouseketeer, Jeb Bush, Willard, and John Kasich continue to make headlines,  – when local RTCs don’t even bother to acknowledge local elections or vet the Agenda 21 candidates for local office. RESULTS:    Only 360 of 14,512 registered voters showed up.   […]

Previews 2014 Dem Playbook!  There is a special election on January 21st for an empty seat in the Virginia State Senate – and a truly nasty MoonBat Democrat is running a terrible TV ad. It’s the old “Are you still beating your wife?” play.   It’s despicable – but it shows just how low Democrats will […]

They know they can’t force Agenda21 down the throats of an armed population. Hat Tip to Trooper Pagel for sending the attached UN Letter outlining their plan to confiscate civilian weapons.  Caveat: The letter ~ may ~ be a hoax…. You decide.

JamieBoy flings your money around like confetti at a gay wedding. Your Democrat-controlled State Senate has been hard at ‘work’ lately – spending your money to buy votes. Guess how JamieBoy voted? 

Liberals, Egos, Dreamers, and Snakes… …and they spout all the proper buzz-words:  Investment – underutilized – unrealized potential – and the big one ‘…what we want to be as a community!’ Tonight the 20-20 Committee chaired by Selectwoman wannabe Busse [very pregnant – been here all of 6 years] listened to a 45 minute pitch […]

A sad little story of unintended consequences… When Progressive Democrat Randy Voller is around – he’s hard to miss! He’s invested years building his political résumé, – sat on dozens of boards and committees, – attended hundreds of meetings, – eaten lots of rubber chicken dinners.  He’s been Mayor of Pittsboro, NC since 2005, where […]

Deval Patrick Totally Blows

February 27th, 2013

his $1.9 BILLION Transportation ‘Plan’! Plans Million$ on rail-trail [bike path] improvements – NOTHING for the WORST ROTARY in the Commonwealth…?