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It was such an easy lie to write for a Trump-hating young ‘reporter’;  – her target audience would totally believe it:  “How is Trump Spending Thanksgiving?  Tweeting, Golfing, and More”. Except – Oops! – Trump was really in Afghanistan with our Troops, – and Newsweek was embarrassed. They FIRED her!  Anybody need a trilingual fiction writer? […]

That’s my ‘nice way’ – of saying he’s proving himself an inept but fully flaming ASSHOLE!   America,  we are NOT SAFE with this Obama Toady in charge of our military. OK,  you’re asking – what did he do now? 

Obama Wins Again!

September 30th, 2012

Since the war in Afghanistan started, more GIs have been killed in 4 yrs under Obama than in 8 yrs under W. By 300%! Win: Obama. And, correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t PresO promise to get us out of that war in his first year? I’m just sayin’. rr

Things have really gone downhill – ever since his bombastic ‘Rock Star‘ speech in Berlin. How much worse will it get before we’ve dumped him? The ‘Obama Charm’ hasn’t worked any miracles or softened any hearts. The image of a 21st Century ‘Messiah’ has come up short against 21st Century reality – and we are […]

Fear, Loathing, and Distrust

March 15th, 2012

…and left-wing elitism on FULL display. Not to mention a dingbat Marine General! Before being called to serve in the Obama Cartel, Leon Panetta’s life focus was ‘saving the seals’ in Monterey Bay. Thus the nickname ‘Save the Seals’ Panetta. Wednesday in Afghanistan his deep-seated left-wing philosophy was on display for all to see. He […]

There was a targeted killing in Afghanistan today. A CH-47 Chinook full of our Special Guys was taken down – either by a heat-seeking anti-aircraft missile – or by an RPG-7 anti-tank rocket. From early reports all aboard – 31 US, 7 Afghans, and a good dog – were killed. WILL OBAMA USE THE BODIES […]

Last night’s self-serving speech by our undocumented pResident marked a real low point in his pResidency.  I was watching for a glimmer of grace, a shred of leadership, a fleeting moment of greatness.  There was none of that.  Speaking from his newly and darkly redecorated office, once again it was “All about Me!”


In ancient Greece, a General or Admiral, or even a troublesome philosopher would sometimes spend his last minutes being forced to drink hemlock.  This most often happened upon losing a battle, but sometimes the ruling class would see a threat in a successful general, and find an excuse – “disloyalty” – to end his existence.  No sense […]