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White House Doctor Admiral Ronny Jackson – who has served 3 presidents,  – has withdrawn his name to run the Veteran’s Administration.  The left-wing smear campaign,  – aided and abetted by the left-wing media (even Fox) – worked. The powerful and utterly corrupt 700,000-member AFGE will continue to brutalize sick and elderly veterans – at […]

25 years in government…..7 on Beacon Hill and now 16 in Congress,  and this pot-smoking drunk, – former Union President turned lawyer,  – who never served a day in uniform,  – is suddenly using sick veterans as political stepping stones. Where was your ‘concern’ these past 25 years Stephen?

The REAL REASON the situation SUCKS, – and why a paper-pushing bureaucratic failed ‘General’ couldn’t and wouldn’t fix it! Place the blame where it belongs – a “SCREW-YOU” union culture across the AFGE; and understand that 650,000 unionized federal employees [plus spouses] means 1,300,000 guaranteed Democratic VOTES! Shinseki had his orders: “Don’t rattle the Union […]

John Gage – onetime Baltimore Orioles – Federal employee since 1974, and President of the largest [ 600.000 Federal and DC employees] public sector labor union,  the AFGE – explains how he feels about folks like you who want to cut spending and balance the Federal Budget. Pretty huh?  John can be reached at: