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Three (3) NEW RECORDS Today!

November 25th, 2019

Just imagine what we’d be getting done if those dummycraps in Congress would work WITH our President!

How much is Soros paying Adam Schiff for this smoke screen?  

America’s marketplace is telling the Shifty One that his dog & pony show is falling FLAT!

SCARY!  Schiff’s star witness testifies he never spoke to Trump,  – got his ‘information’ from a story in the NY Times. This is the LAW SCHOOL DEFINITION of second-hand hearsay!

It’s clear that Democrats never bothered to study History, – because they’re repeating it. The Founders and Framers of our Constitution knew History.  They feared the rise of a despot,  – a King-like President who might attempt to RULE by fiat, guile, and raw power instead of Governing within the limits they had just set […]

It seems Reuters WH troublemaker Jeff Mason wants to take Jim Acosta’s place as Chief Media Asshole, – as he pressed Trump to answer a trick question.  Trump was more than ready for him. For the left-wing Media, Mason is their latest “victim” (i.e. anti-Trump Hero).

Shifty Adam Schiff’s fake outrage that President Trump might talk to a Ukrainian Leader about the crooked Bidens,  – should be taken with a BIG GRAIN of SALT. Shifty was glad to get money from a Ukrainian arms dealer back in 2013, and his Ukrainian connections should be looked into.

Just last week Adam Schiff, – the lying sleazebag Democrat from California, – was reading a piece of late-nite comedy fiction into the Congressional Record.  In his arrogance,  he forgot that 20 months ago he was trying the same ploy. RRB first posted the full prank video back on Tuesday, Feb 6th, 2018,  – and […]

It’s California – where in 2003 porn queen Mary Carey ran for Governor.  Now a Drag Queen – already serving in elected public office,  – is challenging Shifty Schiff – the impeachment frenzied traitor,  – for his 18-year seat in the House. She ran against him in 2018,  but didn’t get much traction.  Could be […]