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War Zone Jacksonville Florida!

August 26th, 2018

Friday night a single gang-banger attempted to make his bones at a local high school football game.  He killed 1 – wounded 2,  and was captured. Today a pizza place in a crowded downtown mall is the scene of a massacre.  Related?  Revenge?  Story developing…

They’re Still Blaming Guns?

December 13th, 2013

I’m not writing to open old – or fresh – wounds.  The shooting spree at Sandy Hook last December was tragic, despicable, evil, – and totally avoidable. By all accounts [since somebody thinks his ‘privacy’ needs protection] Adam Lanza was insane.  He should have been is a secure insane asylum;

21-year old misfit used an X-Acto knife.  Apologists already suggesting he was ‘bullied‘. It took 115 days for us to learn the truth about Newtown shooter Adam Lanza; – a family history of mental illness.  Why so long? BECAUSE the socialist gun grabbers are using that tragedy to their advantage.  They’re in full Hitler mode, – writing […]

A sad story of a wild-eyed left-winger advocating death to the NRA and Republicans – over gun rights… …and a respected paper letting him. God forbid any Republican write what Donald Kaul did.

During that long hot Summer of 1787 – our founders struggled with a vision for our future, and their varying views on the innate nature of mankind, and of governments. They decided upon a bicameral Congress knowing future generations might rush headlong into schemes and laws to satisfy the emotions of the moment, but with […]

Back Off You Hypocrites!

December 16th, 2012

Guns didn’t kill those kids in Sandy Hook; – a perverted twisted sick spree killer did! Of course the PRESS wants to focus on the GUNS!  “We’ve GOT to get serious about gun control – too many kids are getting killed!” Easy solutions spouted by simple minds to make you feel good.  Hey Hypocrites – […]