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Mob Rule Tonight In Acton, MA

December 4th, 2017

School population is going DOWN,  – but they want a BIGGER school?   They can’t spend your tax money fast enough! Think our local RTC RiNOcrats will stand up and resist…? Since JamieBoy has filed to make us a ‘Sanctuary Town’ – maybe he wants the new classrooms for all the illegal Muslims and Mexicans…?

I’ll be there renaming our largest park after Acton’s only Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, Nathaniel Allen.  Allen carried the colors in battle in Gettysburg.  All around him men were falling, but he maintained the order and kept the colors flying high.  His job was simple, but essential.  The men needed to know that they […]

Terra Have You No Shame? Former Acton Selectwoman Terra Friedrichs took part in the opening activities of Occupy Boston 2012 – and was on camera reciting the  left-wing anarchist line ‘The banks got bailed out and we got sold out’. Having worked to get this woman elected a few years back – believing she was […]

I was at Acton-Boxborough Regional High School on Tuesday evening to present a scholarship to a graduating senior.  We award this scholarship each year in the amount of $2,000.  While I was waiting for my turn (> $300,000 was awarded to over 200 students) I looked around and noticed all the bright shining faces of […]

I think I’ll dedicate this one to McCarthy-Towne Teacher Mrs. Suess – who is also the union vice president.  Things are beginning to change in New Jersey – and Governor Chris Christie is leading the charge.  By 2012 he could be a contender.  Go Chris!!!    /s/  Iron Mike    Old Soldier, – Still Good […]

 Massachusetts State Senator Scott Brown chats with members of the Acton RTC Saturday during a visit to OctoberFest.  For more about Scott’s unique credentials and his plans for Massachusetts and the USA, visit either or Compared to Fat Teddy (RiH) and John Ketchup “WarHero”,  or that pack of Obama’s Liberal Lemmings jockeying on […]