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Little wonder that RiNOs like Scott Brown, Charlie Baker, Ron Kaufman, Momma Kangas, the Mouseketeer, Jeb Bush, Willard, and John Kasich continue to make headlines,  – when local RTCs don’t even bother to acknowledge local elections or vet the Agenda 21 candidates for local office. RESULTS:    Only 360 of 14,512 registered voters showed up.   […]

Phony “Republicrats” too busy playing bridge with their Socialist friends to maintain their website, – even mention Tuesday’s Town Election…. Folks – this is precisely why Democrats rule this state and why Conservatives become fed up and move to New Hampshire and Texas. What’s your excuse this time David Stone?  Brian Burke,  Jeanne Kangas, – […]

Pathetic RiNOs On Parade

February 23rd, 2011

People sometimes ask me skeptically what my definition of a RiNO is.  I usually talk about “Cafeteria Republicans”, who somehow are very concerned with taxes and spending – or a 41B development near their mansions, but are quite willing to cave on school budgets, abortion, gay marriage, DA/DT, the 2nd Amendment, and Socialist-inspired unconstitutional laws. […]