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He works for the MBTA (sucking up Federal $$),  is a member of the Dem State Committee, – and is proudly campaigning for the do-nothings!  His are the VERY FIRST Biden or Markey signs I’ve seen – on Concord Road,  just over the hill from the Fire Station. Biden:   49 years in office. One SINGLE […]

Long SLOW Lines In Acton, MA

November 6th, 2018

The Dummycrats and the weed smokers came out in FORCE!

Acton,  a town which produced genuine heroes in time for our American Revolution,  is today a mecca for quivering cowards and fiercely uninformed MoonBats.   JamieBoy Eldridge gleefully leads this mindless mob. Last night’s Board of Selectmen meeting should have been entitled “Fuck Trump!”

There are always those kooky few who try to turn really bad ideas into public policy. Acton, Mass – my town – has found a new ’cause’ for the lunatic fringe to get behind – “Sanctuary Town”… “Fuck the People, fuck the future victims,  – we have a CAUSE!”

Acton’s Swamp Begins To Drain

January 10th, 2017

Long the intellectual watering hole for arrogant smarter-than-you Acton LibTurds,  – suddenly they’re not selling enough Hillary and Bernie books to pay the light bill,  – much less pay the snotty clerks who work there. Willow Books is going out of business – even before Trump is inaugurated!

Acton Encourages Crooks

September 7th, 2012

Just 1200 – LESS than 9% bother to vote in primary. Thieves know they can rip us off – year after year we prove we don’t care! Are we that rich, – that spoiled? 13,868 registered voters; 3886 Dems, 1538 Republicans, 8404 ‘unenrolled’ and 46 kooks.  Yesterday only 720 pulled a D ballot – only […]

Acton Dedicates 9/11 WTC Memorial

September 11th, 2011

In a brief, classy and fitting ceremony this afternoon, Acton dedicated its new 911 Monument on the 10th Anniversary of that horrible day. The attack – meant to crush American resolve, has instead strengthened it.  The ‘martyrdom’ meant to serve as a recruiting poster for al Qaeda has instead seen its ranks decimated, its planners captured and […]

Acton Dodges A Bullet!

February 28th, 2011

Wow! I don’t know how we did it, but tonight the wiser heads of Acton have managed to convince our Selectmen [well, four of them] that erecting a giant 262 bed baby warehouse on our busiest and most crowded street is an idea worth fighting in court! By a 4-1 vote the Selectmen voted to […]

There was a vote yesterday here in Acton, MA.  Most of the 13,530 registered voters didn’t seem to give a shit.  Only Harry Tisnseth had an excuse – he was being buried.

Acton Has An Ugly Secret

January 21st, 2010

Acton’s Republican Town Committee gathered last night for our January meeting.  In a departure from format we drank a champagne toast to Scott Brown’s stunning upset victory.  Many in the room had labored long and hard to achieve it.  It was a rare moment for us.  But it couldn’t fully hide our dark little secret.  Acton’s […]