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Petty, stupid, malicious, and smug, – the Democrats of Acton Mass defiantly want to kill babies,  – give sanctuary to Muslims and Mexicans,  – and legalize drugs,…all while raising your taxes to provide four free local bus ‘services’. After doing three Trump standouts yesterday,  – I came home to one of their typical political statements […]

A MoonBat Left Me A Love Note

November 15th, 2015

There I was,..minding my own business,…when I discovered a ‘love note’ tucked under my windshield wiper in front of Staples…. Could it be…that some local Acton Democrat is feeling uneasy with their field of presidential candidates?  Have they seen the CHANGE [like Friday night in Paris] – and are they running low on HOPE?

Acton Democrats Have No Shame!

October 25th, 2014

The irony is inescapable! The Democrat Activist lives on Concord Road – the very road Isaac Davis marched his Minuteman Company down to Concord on that fateful morning – to resist – by force of arms if necessary – big government tyranny. Today, with no American Flag on his home

This pathetic little vignette explains why America went for Obama, and why we remain in deep doo-doo. Two Acton-Boxborough Young Republicans were doing a voter registration drive in front of the local grocery store Sunday morning.  Along comes a lady of ~ about ~ my vintage who,  when approached told the kids she was not […]