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Former ACORN worker Anita MonCrief starts web site and will file FEC complaint against Obama Campaign.

More ACORN Bullying Tactics

July 22nd, 2010

Here is ACORN – this time in Chesterfield, Missouri [16 miles due west of St. Louis] – storming a Chase Bank branch – to “renegotiate” the terms of a mortgage.  They had tipped off local TV station KSDK, thus the video record. While the audio is poor – toward the end you can hear the […]

Democrats, “Progressives” and outright Socialists are all loathe to use the word “socialist” when describing their or Obama’s “spread the wealth” visions and policies.  That’s because it’s your wealth they intend to spread.  But now – in what looks like an edited video, comes ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis – speaking to the Young Democratic Socialists […]

Neglecting Your Duties Barack?

September 22nd, 2009

Mister Obama: It was beyond tacky that you appear on the David Letterman show – where just 103 days ago the presiding lefty clown called Governor Sarah Palin “slutty” and made a vulgar joke about her 14-year old daughter being “knocked up in the 7th inning by Yankee outfielder Alex Rodriguez”.  A presidential appearance this […]

Niki Tsongas: Stupid or Corrupt?

September 17th, 2009

FOLLOW UP:   As I type these words on this beautiful Sunday morning,  Acton Patriot Ken Henderson is atop a tall step ladder painting the flagpole in front of Tsongas’ Acton Office.   He’s doing it more out of patriotism than for the paltry sum he’s being paid.  He showed me the old flag – tattered and […]

Hello Americans, – we’re living in trying times! No sooner did avowed communist “Green Jobs” Czar Van Jones resign, than President Arrogant Obama appoints yet another Czar. This one is another Valerie Jarrett Chicago associate – Ronald W. Bloom – who used to work with her back at Lazard Freres & Co. – the Chicago […]


July 13th, 2009

They had “Hope”, they wanted “Change”, and they believed it would come with transparency and with show trials. Many saw their dream candidate – the product decades of AA/EEO – in a slender articulate Black man – one without the obvious chicanery of Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson. Questions about his eligibility or his background were scornfully waived aside and branded “racism”. Some believed he was the anti-Bush, and he would “end the war”. Others just saw their own reflection, and believed they’d be getting free money and reparations. They all chanted “Yes,- yes we can!”