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The easily-offended Social Justice Warriors (LibTurds) were up in arms…. Suddenly HELP arrived from an unexpected source…

It was a Free Speech event featuring the ACLU last week at William & Mary College,  and Black Lives Matter decided to shut it down,  – as a demonstration of their in-your-face power. But in their fascist zeal,  some in the group were shouting something far more disturbing.

Arizona’s Midnight Sellout

August 23rd, 2017

The late-night secret meeting between the new Phoenix Police Chief and the Director of the ACLU…results in Sanctuary City Status? Since WHEN do Police Chiefs have this much discretionary power?  There is something rotting out in the desert sun – it might be any concept of upholding and enforcing the LAW! Gotta wonder how much […]

This 54-yr old former wanna-be paralegal from Fountain, Colo [suburb of Colorado Springs] is so mad at the Planned Parenthood shooter Robert Dear that she called Planned Parenthood and threatened to walk into a Republican meeting and start shooting….

Imagine… Daddy pays $58,506 / year to send you to the #31st highest ranked college in the country.  A Jesuit college!  How do you distinguish yourself? Earn Straight As? No, you and five other students found the BCSSH [Boston College Students for Sexual Health] and pass out condoms at 18 locations across the Jesuit campus. […]

In the end pulled out of a hole like Saddam!

New Gitmo A “Jobs Engine”?

November 16th, 2009

Americans, only a world-socialist or a world-class dummy could commit a national defense blunder and call it “a jobs engine”. Folks, government jobs are not economy-building jobs! They add no wealth to the nation. They are rather like the barnacles on the side of a ship, multiplying over time, adding weight and weakening the hull, and eventually needing to be scraped off in drydock. Only a wealth-redistributing socialist could be gleeful about adding hundreds of government jobs to the national payroll. This move fits the left-wing’s agenda of claiming that there “is no terrorist threat”. This allows them to further blur the lines between warfare and law enforcement. This is the Obama Cartel going soft on terrorism from the get-go!