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The so-called “Democrat Party” hasn’t stooped this low since Carter,  Dukakis,  Clinton,  Gore,  Kerry,  Obama,  and Hillary. 32 years ago Joe dropped out when the media widely reported his lying and plagiarism.  Since then he sold his offices to any and all who came with cash.  What happened to that 1988 media?

Caked-on makeup, orange cheeks, fake smile, too many platitudes, – Hillary accepted the Democrats nomination,  – then doubled down on Obama’s economics and war policies. Promised a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizen’s United,  – progressive justices,  – and a quick path to citizenship…. all paid for by “following the money” to the rich. Listening closely,  […]

Great speeches last night from Pastor Mark Burns, Peter Thiel, Ivanka and her dad! Full speech below the fold:

Remember back when?  When throngs of people waited hours in the sun to hear The ONE speak to them? Remember when the Pepsi Center in Denver just wasn’t BIG enough to contain the crowds [or his ego] for HIS acceptance speech?  So they moved the event to Mile High Stadium?  A quick trip back in time […]