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The ROAD to HELL is Paved with Liberal ‘Good Intentions’! Rockville, Maryland’s high school looks a lot like AB.    But for one 14-year old girl there,  – life will never be the same.

Schooled to be a Zombie?  Acton-Boxborough alumni ’11, – Hayley Cooke joins the mindless nationwide protests; – sits-in at Muhlenberg College [liberal arts college for B students] to protest death of Eric Garner. Would somebody ask this empty-headed junior MoonBat – [proud product of a socialist school system] – if she’s READ the Autopsy Report?

Acton-Boxborough kids don’t know SQUAT, – but at least they won’t bully… Doctor Alexandria H. Callen is moving on.  She parlayed her time as Chief Ooey-Gooey Chearleader into a ritzy private school gig at the Lakewood School in Seattle. She leaves behind 2000 kids well-schooled in not bullying gays or retards,  – who feverently believe […]

The truth is…we never stopped you… Another alumni of our űber-expensive Acton-Boxborough High School has gone to meet his maker – with his system full of unknown amounts of booze, pills, and final nightmares. Pity his parents. Pity the next set of parents.  Acton’s dirty little liberal drug-addicted secret is out in the open. Everybody […]

I was at Acton-Boxborough Regional High School on Tuesday evening to present a scholarship to a graduating senior.  We award this scholarship each year in the amount of $2,000.  While I was waiting for my turn (> $300,000 was awarded to over 200 students) I looked around and noticed all the bright shining faces of […]

 Hello Americans!  This is a day I’ve been waiting a long time for – the first-ever meeting of the Acton Boxborough Young Republicans!   This is very significant in a town which managed to embarrass itself by voting for the ethically flawed Martha Coakley over Scott Brown by 58% [ 5371 / 3896].  The majority of […]