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“I just chose not to attend…” Harvard grad, – 12 years in the NFL, – father of 6 kids, – outspokenly pro-life and pro-family, and Super Bowl Champ;  – with the dignity and courage to turn down the obligatory White House visit over Obama’s blasphemous words to Planned Parenthood. Last month Obama ended his speech […]

E W Jackson Leads An Exodus

September 30th, 2012

12 awesome minutes will inspire you! With just 36 days until the vote – please send this link to your religious friends.

Watch what happens when one of the 2010 Tsunami Congressmen – who is also a well-schooled and conservative leaning attorney – crosses swords with Obama’s Abortion Queen – Kathleen Sebelius. Can you tell which one came prepared, and which one operates from an ideological fantasy land?

Searching For The REAL Willard

January 5th, 2012

Mitt could’a been a dancer or a trapeze artist.

Baby-Killer Six-Pak Debate

October 4th, 2011

I thought I was going to a political debate tonight.  It was more like nerf ping-pong or playing catch with a fuzzy tennis ball.  It was a beauty contest disguised as a softball game. Six would-be US Senators lined up on the stage at UMass Lowell. Guess which one wore Red?  Guess which one was […]

THREE CHEERS for freshman Congressman Tim Scott – from South Carolina’s 1st CD [along the coast]. Tim is a successful small businessman who has been active in SC politics – now serving his first term in Congress. Clearly he’s not in awe of the MEssiah. Oh, and guess whose district that new Boeing plant […]

Mitt Romney has $1 Billion in his warchest.  But can that buy him enough smoke grenades to obscure his liberal record?  Judge for yourself: Then check out where his BIG $$$ friends are:

The Greg Fultz Billboard

June 7th, 2011

White Sands Boulevard, Alamogordo, NM This $13,000.oo billboard will be up for three months.

From my home town Acton, to Beacon Hill [or Merrimac Street], to Capitol Hill,  inept and misguided Republican leaders are failing us at the very moment they should be leading 2010’s final charge.  Already “frontrunners” are planning trips to Iowa,  while Michael Steele seems unable to build an organization as cohesive and effective as the […]

Martha Coakley wants to be your US Senator. Don’t let her smile fool you, it’s our nightmare scenario. Martha represents the worst of bottom-feeding ruthless, unprincipled, and utterly ambitious Democrat politicians. Beware, she sees that senate seat as a mere stepping stone.

So what’s not to like about Martha?

Health Care: She’s promised on her web site and in debates and campaign stops that she’ll vote for the ObamaCare bill. She hasn’t read it. Duh!