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Six Democrats joined the Republicans! Yeah, you’ll be looking over your shoulder – for years….

When privacy, free speech, private property and unworthy political careers crash into media feeding frenzies. LESSON #1: There is no more privacy in the 21st Century! You will be recorded or photographed. Trusted “friends” will sell you out! LESSON #2: The media is in to sell ink. They were NEVER your friend – they WILL […]

Where Was Senator Squaw?

March 7th, 2013

“Does President Obama believe – he has the right to kill American Citizens – asleep in their beds – in the United States – with drone strikes?” Kentucky Senator Rand Paul spent 13 grueling hours filibustering the nomination of Obama hack John Brennan – to get an answer to that question. Joined by several young […]

A feisty Iraq War veteran promises to sue Deval Patrick – and minces no words in his letter. I enjoyed EVERY WORD of this one; – I think you will too!