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We predicted this back in June 2014 – when pResident Photo-Op was taking a Rose Garden victory bow with Bergdahl’s hippie parents – complete with hugs.   Wrapping himself in a warrior’s robe, “…he was leaving nobody on the battlefield”.   My nausea factor pegged all the way over and bent the needle. Now we learn that […]

They’re forever part of his legacy of treason!  Oh the irony, for the narcissist who wanted to go down in History as the “President who ENDED Bush’s Stupid Wars”. That feel-good Rose Garden make-believe photo-op moment has blown up in his face, – on the very same day President Hadi of Yemen had to evacuate by […]

7½ minutes of comedy you can forward to even the most ardent Obama supporters. Now for the un-funny part…

A Blunder SO HUGE….

June 3rd, 2014

…that only Obama could make it!   With an American Marine – a true hero – rotting in a Mexican jail, somehow Obama thought trading 5 high-value Taliban targets for a Deserter [and possible traitor] – would ‘heal the wounds’ of the VA Hospital scandal? Let me tell you a little story…