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The terrorist was actually a Saudi air force lieutenant – here for pilot training.   But he’d sold his soul to jihad years before, visited NYC to memorialize 9/11,  and hosted a dinner party where he and other Muslim students watched mass-shooting videos.  Then on Friday, 6 Dec 2019,  – he killed three and wounded eight, […]

As promised, O’Keefe has more!   It seems like Twitter is looking at and storing almost everything you send,  – and selling some of it. Bad enough when Government comes snooping into your letters and files,  – now Social Media is doing it – and for PROFIT – and maybe blackmail…?  And the 4th Amendment […]

Another James O’Keefe undercover video (8 min) suggest that left-leaning engineers at Twitter are eagerly violating Trump’s IV Amendment right of privacy. Are these self-important engineers working with Robert Mueller to bring down the Trump Presidency?

After many months of “investigation” (by 16 pro-Hillary lawyers) and speculation about Russian ‘collusion’ with Donald Trump’s 2016 Campaign,  Robert Mueller went to court Monday with damn little to show for it. The left-wing Media is unusually subdued,  – as if they too know that thus far Mueller’s nets are embarrassingly empty.  Worse,  based on […]

Massive phone data-collection program comes to an end as the US Senate cannot agree on a deal to renew it. Somewhere in Russia Eric Snowden is vindicated, – and across America and the Muslim World,  evil suicidal fanatics are breathing a little easier.  Don’t put all the blame on Senator Paul…

When privacy, free speech, private property and unworthy political careers crash into media feeding frenzies. LESSON #1: There is no more privacy in the 21st Century! You will be recorded or photographed. Trusted “friends” will sell you out! LESSON #2: The media is in to sell ink. They were NEVER your friend – they WILL […]

I Feel So Much Better,…NOT!

January 17th, 2014

The only comfort I received today was watching Obama look twitchy and uncomfortable – as once again he lied through his teeth at us. He’s going to appoint a long-time big-government Clintonista,  John Podesta, to “…lead a comprehensive review of big data and privacy”.    Yeah, that should work.  Podesta is the guy who just compared […]

“…an awareness of wrongdoing…” A young patriot of unusual courage, …a fool,…or a traitor? 29-year old Edward Snowden sits in Hong Kong – and he’s just turned Obama’s world upside down.

Because [screw you] – Deval Patrick WILL pay for his unneeded railroad! Oh, I’m sorry,…you haven’t heard of their new 3¢ / 3% gas tax?  You weren’t supposed to….

Steve Miller spent the morning demonstrating why we should be scared of unlimited government power. When asked if it was either improper or illegal for the IRS to ask for individual health records, – he claimed that ‘…in his opinion – it was not illegal’! Democrats on the committee used their time to shield the […]