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Merrick Garland and Christopher Wray have just sold their souls to Joe Biden,  – and by extension to Xi Jinping. This flagrant abuse of power was intended to send a message to all of Biden’s enemies.   Big Jim Comey would approve,  – as would Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch. At RRB we’re only left wondering […]

The terrorist was actually a Saudi air force lieutenant – here for pilot training.   But he’d sold his soul to jihad years before, visited NYC to memorialize 9/11,  and hosted a dinner party where he and other Muslim students watched mass-shooting videos.  Then on Friday, 6 Dec 2019,  – he killed three and wounded eight, […]

As promised, O’Keefe has more!   It seems like Twitter is looking at and storing almost everything you send,  – and selling some of it. Bad enough when Government comes snooping into your letters and files,  – now Social Media is doing it – and for PROFIT – and maybe blackmail…?  And the 4th Amendment […]

Another James O’Keefe undercover video (8 min) suggest that left-leaning engineers at Twitter are eagerly violating Trump’s IV Amendment right of privacy. Are these self-important engineers working with Robert Mueller to bring down the Trump Presidency?

After many months of “investigation” (by 16 pro-Hillary lawyers) and speculation about Russian ‘collusion’ with Donald Trump’s 2016 Campaign,  Robert Mueller went to court Monday with damn little to show for it. The left-wing Media is unusually subdued,  – as if they too know that thus far Mueller’s nets are embarrassingly empty.  Worse,  based on […]

Massive phone data-collection program comes to an end as the US Senate cannot agree on a deal to renew it. Somewhere in Russia Eric Snowden is vindicated, – and across America and the Muslim World,  evil suicidal fanatics are breathing a little easier.  Don’t put all the blame on Senator Paul…

When privacy, free speech, private property and unworthy political careers crash into media feeding frenzies. LESSON #1: There is no more privacy in the 21st Century! You will be recorded or photographed. Trusted “friends” will sell you out! LESSON #2: The media is in to sell ink. They were NEVER your friend – they WILL […]

I Feel So Much Better,…NOT!

January 17th, 2014

The only comfort I received today was watching Obama look twitchy and uncomfortable – as once again he lied through his teeth at us. He’s going to appoint a long-time big-government Clintonista,  John Podesta, to “…lead a comprehensive review of big data and privacy”.    Yeah, that should work.  Podesta is the guy who just compared […]

“…an awareness of wrongdoing…” A young patriot of unusual courage, …a fool,…or a traitor? 29-year old Edward Snowden sits in Hong Kong – and he’s just turned Obama’s world upside down.

Because [screw you] – Deval Patrick WILL pay for his unneeded railroad! Oh, I’m sorry,…you haven’t heard of their new 3¢ / 3% gas tax?  You weren’t supposed to….