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Think back to how Harry Truman and LBJ became President,  – and why Obama picked our National Village Idiot….as his horse-holder.

CNN Tries Starting A Section 4

August 26th, 2019

You’ll need a copy of our Constitution, – go to Amendment 25, Section 4….to understand CNN’s current game plan. Since Russian Collusion and Impeachment didn’t work,  CNN’s Brian Stelter interviewed two (crazy) psychiatrists – one from Yale,  the other from Duke,  – to start a ground swell of public sentiment that Trump is crazy.  It […]

The RATS are turning cannibal – they’re going to start eating each other to stay alive. This will be fun to watch.  Who will seek immunity?  Who will go to prison?  Who gets a book & movie deal?

When somebody a few years ago suggested to Senator Squaw that she should run for President,  they inadvertently opened the batshit crazy locker in her brain…. Since the NY Times published their “Anonymous Op-Ed”,  she’s been screaming for the Cabinet Officers to invoke the 25th Amendment,…which she’s clearly never read…. Nothing depicts “TOTALLY UNBLANCED and […]

Some Democrats will likely vote for Hillary NO MATTER WHAT!   But before they do, – they should ask serious questions about what’s wrong with her,  how sick she is,  and what are the SIDE EFFECTS of ALL HER MEDICATIONS! As this clip clearly shows, there are times she’ barely ‘with it’ – in this case […]

Maybe she ‘just has pneumonia’, ~ maybe…   But maybe the darkest rumors are true – and she has something much worse.   Maybe she’s dying…. If any of the worst-case scenarios are true,  her health could be about to trigger a major constitutional crisis….

Maybe she should have a physical at Walter Reed…? OK,…you watch the short video,…decide for yourself!

Sometime today Obama will again attempt to convince his stupid followers that Radical Islamic Terrorism played no part in the deaths of 14 people at a Christmas Party Wednesday in San Bernardino. And the media [led by CBS] and his stupid followers will ignore the FACTS:  that Syed Rizwan Farook and his ‘wife’ Tashfeen Malik had […]

STUNNING:  Obama ‘forgets’ THREE (3) Paris attacks….? If we needed any more proof that he is insane,  listen as Obama claims that “…mass shootings just don’t happen in other countries”,  – just 18 days after the last one – and just 2 days after he laid a rose….

Obama’s Monday-nite attempt to rally his most faithful MoonBats – ran into a website FAILURE when many listening lost audio…. They missed a totally delusional Obama saying that “100 Million have already signed up”. At RRB we’ve long held that Obama is floating through a dream world – probably fueled by a combination of drugs […]