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August 27th, 2021

NOTE: As usual youtube is screwing with Trump,  – requires you to view this on THEIR site – and verify your age…. 

A little-known secret:   Until the sitting President is hospitalized or croaks;  the VP has only one duty,  – make tie-breaking votes in the US Senate.  Other than that, he / she has no duties.  It looks like Kamala Harris is avoiding anything that even looks like heavy lifting. At RRB,  we have a few ideas […]

Remember when Democrats and RiNOs complained that Trump’s tweets were “unpresidential”? Watch as Biden – unable to contain himself – comes on to an Arizona nurse – on a live podcast….video:

AP White House reporter Zeke Miller asks China Joe abut his plan to vaccinate the first 100 million Americans…. Biden wasn’t ready to discuss the issue.  Video clip:

Slow Joe Flubs AGAIN (Twice!)

December 9th, 2020

Becerra or Bach-a-REE-a…?   Health & Human Services or Health & Education…? This man’s brain is so far gone he should not be left alone in a mall,  – let alone be assembling a collection of socialists and communists to destroy our country. The funny part is that under our XXV Amendment,  “Bach-a-REE-a” will be one […]

Biden must think he’s a man reborn.  He ‘twisted’ / ‘broke’ his ankle today playing with his dog.  Did the dog throw the ball too far…? Give the dog credit!   He tried! UPDATE:  Sunday nite:  The Klutz (Biden) will need a walking boot for several weeks…

Folks,  – this is blatant ELDER ABUSE! This man was always a coin-operated lying crook,  – but now he is working with such diminished capacity that he likely will escape prosecution….   Why is Jill smiling? Anybody ready to trust this dementia-riddled old crook with our nuclear triggers?