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Great speeches last night from Pastor Mark Burns, Peter Thiel, Ivanka and her dad! Full speech below the fold:

As a long-term supporter and fan of the Senator,  it hurts to write this entry. Last night in Cleveland,  Cruz had an opportunity for greatness afforded few men in History,  – and he carefully and deliberately squandered it.

Her show-biz career will not be denied!  The Chair of the MassGOP takes the stage in Cleveland,  but will Aretha Franklin get an apology? No wonder Charlie Baker [aka Tall Deval] stayed in Boston!  Video below the fold:

With minimal drama the votes were duly counted!  No shredders in sight! I wonder if Jeb has calculated his per/vote expenditures…. Now watch the video for a good chuckle!

Puke-worthy!  Listen as Libturd NBC TV host Matt Lauer asks Donald Trump to have Republicans ‘tone down their rhetoric’…. Does he think he’s a reporter, – the host of an entertainment show, – or a self-appointed referee of political discussion? Can you see the liberal story line developing?  Short clip below:

“I have known Donald Trump for almost 30 years…” Fire and Brimstone with a New York attitude! Heart-warming 16 minute video below the fold: