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Aaron Dykes and Melissa Dykes explain how the DNC was rigged all along,  – and how Bernie was part of the plot…. As old-timers who can read the signs along the trail,   we at RRB were warning you all year.   But the Bernie Babes didn’t listen, and  got really burned! 8 min video below the […]

Caked-on makeup, orange cheeks, fake smile, too many platitudes, – Hillary accepted the Democrats nomination,  – then doubled down on Obama’s economics and war policies. Promised a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizen’s United,  – progressive justices,  – and a quick path to citizenship…. all paid for by “following the money” to the rich. Listening closely,  […]

If you’ve been watching some networks, you missed the walkout after Tuesday nite’s vote.  There are rumors that the Dems paid folks to fill in those empty seats last night…. Just another bad news story they don’t want told:

I’m pretty sure Hillary isn’t getting her vote! 3-minute video below the fold:

Anybody notice Bill Clinton’s new trick last night? Why isn’t this serial rapist wearing an ankle monitor?

Folks,….we just couldn’t make this stuff up…. Tonight the Democrats remembered to bring American flags,  but they weren’t sure if their people know the words….

There were sections of conspicuously empty seats – the Clintonistas had already left the arena for the evening, – leaving Bernie’s devout followers to stand, cry and cheer their aging wizard. And he promptly sold them out – as if there were guns aimed at his head.  He sure wasn’t pulling a Ted Cruz!

Brief video below the fold:

Monday morning began very rough for the disgraced Florida Congresswoman….the Florida delegation booed her,…all caught on video.  Her 8 painful minutes below the fold:

They dump the ugly shrew and promote a trusted house servant to fill in – however briefly. They JUST want a female face – so even an ignorant one will do.