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Nancy Pelosi hated passing the gavel over to John Boehner back in January of 2011, – and she’s spent these past eight years festering – awaiting her return to POWER! But a judge down in Texas just threw her a curve ball.  She’ll have to make tough choices, – and not all her RATS will […]

This is the Calm before the Storm!   Sometime around Noon, Thursday,  January 3rd 2019, the 116th Congress will convene, and Lame Duck RiNO Paul Ryan will surrender the Gavel back to returning Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She is 78 years old, – 31 years in Congress (already 4 years as Speaker) and has squashed – […]

Across our nation die-hard Democrats thought they had to “Stop Trump”.   Already – weeks before their newly elected Socialists are sworn in,  – the markets are reflecting the effects of Democrats in government. Maybe Democrats think Government will ‘take care of them’ in their old age…?

America, How COULD You?

November 7th, 2018

Anti-Trump socialist voters return the Obama Cartel to power in the House. The Hillaryphiles,  the Never-Trumpers,  the World Socialists,  and the AntiFA will awaken this morning giddy that they’ve “stopped Trump”. America has just inched closer to our 2nd Civil War.