Syria: A Glimpse Deep Into Hell

Posted April 14th, 2018 by Iron Mike

With a multi-sided ‘civil war’ raging and atrocities committed by all sides,  – it’s hard to see any good outcomes.  For sure Obama couldn’t find a cure during his 8 years,  – but neither did Bush.

Last night’s allied airstrike against “Chemical Targets” was justified,  – if even just to send the clear message that both Russia (Putin) and Assad had lied about destroying Syria’s chemical stockpile.  So last night we helped.

What’s hard for many to understand is that of all the players on this blood-soaked battlefield, Assad may be the best chance for a stable Syrian future,  – if he survives.

Anybody else is highly likely to be from the Shia dominated Hezbollah (backed by Iran),  – or from some extreme Sunni group – a re-branded ISIS – both looking to re-establish an 11th Century Caliphate….and both looking at Jordan and Israel as their next victims.

This has been the kind of brutal no-quarter war that leaves behind hatreds that smolder for 1,000 years into the future.

Given the sharply conflicting interests of Russia, Turkey, the Kurds, Iraq, and Iran, – this war could easily last another 10 – 15 years,  – or until no side has enough able-bodied men left to field a force….

So Trump did what Obama wouldn’t or couldn’t;  – he quickly decimated ISIS with very minimal US casualties.

Now he trying to pull Assad’s chemical fangs….while leaving the warlord alive and in place to try the rebuilding process….because there just isn’t anybody else viable.

For all his bluster,  Putin will be careful not to become overly committed on the ground in Syria – – he remembers what happened to the old USSR when they tried that in Afghanistan.

He just wants the coastal airfields and use of the ports.

Here at home this weekend all the left-wing “journalists” (Propaganda Ministry toadies) will be dusting off their ‘war lingo’ – discussing what is a legal vs illegal use of force,  – and does Congress have to approve action…

.or can they ~ finally ~ impeach Trump…?

Questions they NEVER asked when Obama did it in Libya and Syria.

PLEASE NOTE:  As I post this entry on Saturday Morning – if there had been widespread civilian casualties last night,  – CNN and Al Jazeera would be showing you the dead babies nonstop. 

Thus it seems the strikes were highly surgical.

ALSO:  While Syria claims they shot down 70+ cruise missiles,  they haven’t shown us any yet,  – so that claim is likely for domestic consumption.  Perhaps we’ve maintained our mastery of radar and guidance system jamming….?

FINALLY:   Trump and SecDef Mattis managed to orchestrate a 3-nation Allied Air Attack,  – sudden,  violent,  highly targeted,  – with no prior leaks to the media.

Have the White House leaks finally been plugged?

4 Responses to “Syria: A Glimpse Deep Into Hell”

  1. Panther 6

    This appears to have been a highly successful strike. It remains to be seen how truly surgical it was and what if any collateral damage was done. There must be some collateral damage, it is almost unavoidable to some degree. Time will tell on that point

    Also it appears the Russkies did not turn on their S 400 system radars and emitters. Could be they did not want certain nations to capture such info for future use. The claim that the Syrians shot down 70 missiles is spurious and not very believable in my mind. But then if they did you better believe the P’Gon is looking into how they did it.

    The UN meets today, that should prove interesting.

  2. Sherox

    I saw this on facebook today.

  3. Marc

    I’m not happy with this, not happy with this at all:

    #1) I’m not convinced that the Syrians or Russians launched a chemical weapons attack. Trump announces that we are pulling our forces out of Syria and presto, a few days later the Syrians launch a chemical attack? My guess is that this chemical attack, just like the previous one, was a false-flag operation by the Syrian rebels in an effort to draw us in to the conflict – and it looks like it worked.

    #2) We’re on the wrong side in the Syrian civil war. We ought to be fighting on the same side with the Russians to protect Assad. Among the rebel groups that we’re protecting are Al-Queda and ISIS. The alternative to Assad is going to be some filthy bedsheet-wearing Jihadi savage. If Assad is deposed, we’ll soon regret it.


    Fully agree Marc, we’re in an arena facing lions, tigers and bears….

    Assad, (and his father before him) are leaders of the Syrian Ba’ath Party – the Arab Nazi Party. Nothing nice about either.

    But if we can help him stop killing his own people, – and maybe help the long-suffering Kurds establish their own country,….maybe we can accept an utter asshole in exchange for an end of the killing and the start of rebuilding.

    In all likelihood – ANY of his generals would be equally evil….

    The Levant hasn’t changed much in 4,000 years….

  4. Kojack

    Great post , Mike. This is an extremely complicated situation with many different factions having all kinds of motives and you did an excellent job of explaining it.

    “Assad may be the best chance for a stable Syrian future….anybody else is highly likely to be from the Shia dominated Hezbollah(backed by Iran), – or from some extreme Sunni group….”

    This is why the Syrian Christian communities both in Syria and Syrian ex-pats overwhelmingly back Assad….he protects them, somewhat, in the way Kahdafi and Sadaam Hussein(also both secular dictators) protected their Christian minorities. Notice that every time a secular despot is removed in the ME, beginning with the Shah of Iran and Mubarak in Egypt(who were both American allies) Christians and other religious minorities get persecuted and slaughtered in the most gruesome ways.

    This strike was also a message to PUTIN, the ASS-AH-HOLE-A KHOMEINI, and ERDOGAN that the U.S. will not be dictated to.

    All that said, we still need to get the hell out of the ME. WE ARE BROKE. We’ve been in Afghanistan for 17 YEARS WITH ALMOST NO PROGRESS(largely due to Pakistan). If Obysmal hadn’t pulled out of Iraq prematurely and announced our with-drawel from Afghanistan also prematurely things might be different now and 100K’s would still be alive. We need to go all out and get things stabilized and then get out. LET THE SAUDIS CLEAN UP THE MESS THEY HELPED TO CREATE!