Susan Rice: Unworthy And Willing Liar

Posted November 29th, 2012 by Iron Mike

It’s not racism, it’s not sexist. It’s a matter of the TRUTH!

UN Ambassador Susan Rice has proven herself many times over to be a willing liar – a reliable parrot for the Obama Cartel.

Racism and sexism are not factors.  It was a Republican president – George Bush – who appointed the First Two Black Secretaries of State!  They were qualified!

Susan Rice is unworthy of her office, unworthy to become SecState, and totally unworthy to ever be President.  SecState is 4th in line….

No matter whatever actually happened at our Benghazi Consulate on Tuesday, September 11th, the Obama Cartel’s immediate explanation that it was a popular reaction to an unknown anti-Muslim video was patently false.

We all knew that.  ONLY the MSM sycophants attempted to perpetuate that drivel – in the face of overwhelming evidence of a coordinated military-style attack.

But 5 days later Ambassador Susan Rice went on five (5) Sunday talk shows to regurgitate the lie.

Eventually her boss – SecState Hillary Clinton [possible co-conspirator?] fell on her sword for Obama and took the blame [credit?] for the false narrative – and for leaving the consulate with only token security.

Susan Rice has a life-long history of associating herself with left-wing leaders and causes, starting with Michael Dukakis. 

Despite constantly claiming she doesn’t want to be elevated or considered on the basis of race, – she is in fact the stereotypical Affirmative Action appointee.

She is vastly under-qualified to be UN Ambassador – by lack of foreign travel, foreign postings, or foreign business dealings.  It seems her two qualifications that Obama considered was her blackness and her willingness to be a faithful and reliable parrot.  Independent thinking or gravitas were not requirements.

It was Obama who sent her forth to play parrot that fateful Sunday morning.

It was that vile video!”  “It was that vile video!” she squaked.

And now, with Obama re-elected through a fraud-plagued process, and Hillarty quitting to launch her own 2016 campaign, somehow the parrot is being considered for SecState?  Republicans and patriots object!

So Obama says they’re sexist and racist?  Of course – that’s always the first smoke screen for the Cartel.  Just look at how well it worked for Obama and Elizabeth ‘Cherokee’ Warren.

And thus they hope to divert the ‘Press’ from the Benghazi Massacre to the much easier sell, – that the GOP Senators are ‘racists.

Susan Rice’s race doesn’t matter!

Susan Rice’s character DOES!  And she is sadly lacking in character!

Obama probably feels compelled to appoint her because so many Black women came out and voted for him this second time.  He knows they don’t give a flip about qualifications, – they just want to see a Black woman in charge.

Conveniently they’ve all forgotten that thoroughly qualified self-made Black woman – Condoleezza Rice, – probably because she served George Bush.

Obama’s core constituency are interested in seeing him appoint people they can relate to – aspiring phonies and Walmart shoppers.

And Obama doesn’t care about credentials – he cares about willing liberal co-conspirators to help him ruin our American Republic.  In that role, Susan Rice is the perfect tool.

4 Responses to “Susan Rice: Unworthy And Willing Liar”

  1. Walter Knight

    I nominate Susan Rice to be our next Ambassador to Libya, where she can catch up on her lack of foriegn experience postings.

  2. Walter Knight

    I wonder how long Susan Rice would last in Libya incompetantly stumbling along with her head up her ass?


    Susan Rice excelled in three (3) sports in school. I’m sure she can outrun anyone chasing her, in any foreign country.

  4. Kojack

    Collin Powell may have initially been qualified, but his continued support for BHO is an indication of his inability to be objective and his lack of understanding of and commitment to the U.S. Constitution.

    As stated Susan Rice is an incompetent, shameless liar which is why she is such a good fit with the rest Obysmal’s cabal.