Susan Rice: Brazen Lie Upon Lie Upon Lie….

Posted February 24th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Why should she stop lying?  It’s working just fine so far…

CAUTION:  If you’re an American Patriot – this video will turn your stomach!

Not only ‘not sorry’ – but totally arrogant about it…

This woman – who has so willingly lied as part of the cover-up for Obama’s gun-smuggling operation, – should be tried for treason and for lying under oath to Congress.

Yes, TREASON:  The crimes of the Obama-Soros Cartel, from Fast & Furious, – to failing to secure our Southern Border, – to smuggling arms to terrorists in Syria, – to lying repeatedly to Congress, – all constitute TREASON!

AND, since they acted in concert and with central coordination, – they should be prosecuted under the RICO statue – so they can be stripped of all the profits of their crimes.  And yes, – this includes Hillary!

3 Responses to “Susan Rice: Brazen Lie Upon Lie Upon Lie….”

  1. Michael W Dane

    Amazing amount of lies from so many in this administration every day.

  2. Tom Gilroy

    Susan Rice is a member of the female Troika consisting of Valerie Jarret, Samantha Power and Susan Rice. They call the shots in the cartel. They tell and they perpetuate the lies. They all have checkered pasts and in some cases, spouses who are as checkered as they are. How these women have rose to such positions of power can be directly attributed to Obama and Jarret. They are the most dangerous in a very dangerous cartel.

  3. Casey Chapman

    Americans feel so powerless against these people, but we are not. There must be a way to petition Congress, to start impeachment hearings. Dingy Harry Reid won’t do it at first, but if he’s seen as defending the indefensible he might be persuaded. Maybe.