Susan Rice – A Travesty Full Circle

Posted June 5th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Obama moves Leaker Donilon OUT, – Liar Rice IN!
Donalin OUT Rice IN
A move so brazenly corrupt only a traitor would make it!

As of this morning Tom Donilon has resigned as White House National Security Advisor.  Obama has named current UN Ambassador Susan (Liar) Rice to replace him.  This he can do without Senate confirmation – which Rice could not get when Obama wanted her to be SecState.

Her appointment is beyond ineptness, – beyond politics, – only treason can explain it.

THE JOB:  As crowds overseas form into protesters, then become rioters, – as ships burn and sink, – as planes crash and burn, – as foreign leaders are assassinated,- – the national security advisor is supposed to be able to give the POTUS instant analysis combined with long-tern insight about both immediate and long range consequences.

ALWAYSAmerican interests must be paramount

ALWAYSthe advice must be based on knowledge, facts, and experience, – and honestly given.

So, by definition, Susan Rice is totally unqualified!

This is the woman who told Bill Clinton in 1994 not to call the tribal murders in Rwanda ‘genocide‘ – because it might make him look bad during his re-election campaign.  800,000 to 1,000,000 people were hacked to death – mostly by machete and shovels – in 100 days. Do the math.

This is the woman who while serving on the National Security Council under Clinton – blocked attempts by the Sudanese government [admittedly Islamists] from turning over intel they had on Osama bin Laden to US Ambassador Tim Carney – because she felt we should pursue a policy of disengagement….

This is the woman who on Sunday16 Sept 1012 – just 5 days after the Benghazi Massacre – obligingly went on five (5) Sunday talk shows to regurgitate the Obama-Hillary “…that we still don’t know who did it or why….”.  Later she claimed she was only using the talking points she’d been given…

DukakisSECURITY ISSUE:   Rice is as left-wing as they come – she was Michael Dukakis’ ‘national security advisor’ back in 1988….

She’s married to Canadian Ian Cameron – an ABC News producer.  By this marriage alone – she should not have a security clearance.

By appointing Rice to be his personal advisor – Obama has just sent a clear signal to Putin, to the Chinese, to the drug lords and pirates, to the Muslim Brotherhood and their allied Islamists, and to Iran and the NorKs – that they can have free run of the world….DILLIGAF

This appointment shows his only concern is ‘looking good’ for the next 3½ years….so he can ride off into the sunset unscathed and essentially blameless.  Consequences be damned!

If we can enjoy a moment of gallows humor – the one person now totally f’ked is John Kerry – now out in the cold with his nemesis strolling into the Oval Office at will…

Lurch will be reduced to attending the lesser funerals and the lesser conferences, – to read prepared remarks….i.e. prepared talking points,…from Susan Rice.

4 Responses to “Susan Rice – A Travesty Full Circle”

  1. Tom

    Not only is Susan Rice in your face but her replacement in the UN, Samantha Powers, another member of the Amazon clique, is the husband of Cass Sunstein, former Regulations Czar and Harvard anti-constitutionalist. She will require Senate confirmation, but should sail through. We are really screwed!

  2. Casey Chapman

    This is the bone Obama is throwing to her after she was hoisted on her own petard for the cause.

  3. Sam Adams

    Powers, wife of Obama’s regulatory czar, is a big friend of George Soros. If this nomination “sails” through, it will be because Republicans didn’t put up a stink.
    The establishment is so busy picking lint out of their belly-buttons, they probably don’t even know anything about her, or worse, don’t care!

    I, for one, am getting damned sick and tired of Senators like McCain criticizing patriots like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz in order to bend over and grab their ankles for this president.
    Anyone with a telephone should be on the horn today to McCain’s office letting him know we’ve had enough of his BS. Regardless of his military service, it’s time for him to get the hell out.
    It wouldn’t hurt to call Ted Cruz and Rand Paul either, and let them know we’re standing behind them. They and precious few others in Congress are all we have left between us and the complete destruction of this country.

  4. Phil Dann

    Elections have consequences. Obama is rubbing everyone’s nose in it. Get used to this right up to the day this President leaves office. And if you think Bill Clinton has been an asset to the Dems after leaving office. I predict this guy will make Clinton look like a wall flower. Obama is just getting started as an instrument of the left.