Susan ‘Liar’ Rice Takes Her First Scalp

Posted June 12th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Morell Knows Too Much
Just one (1) week after being named White House National Security Advisor – former paid professional liar Susan Rice has forced CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell to ‘retire‘ – ending his 33 year career.

He knows too much.  He’ll likely be Obamacided.

He knows what really happened at Benghazi, what happened during the ‘Arab Spring’, what Obama is attempting to do in Syria, and the real story about the NorKs and the Iranians.

AND, he can tell the real story about the hunt for and the killing of Bin Laden.

He is in a position to spill the goods on Leon Panetta, David Petraeus, Hillary,….and others.

But as a career spook, he’ll have ONLY his retirement pay to live on. That ~ may ~ be enough to keep his mouth shut.  But I suspect both Obama and Hillary will want to ‘ensure’ his silence.

Meanwhile, – his hands may not be entirely clean.  He may have been the CIA guy who re-wrote some of the infamous ‘Benghazi Talking Points’; – thus another reason why Rice wants him banished.

Last September she was essentially an ‘outsider’ – – she wasn’t part of Obama’s inner circle, – and she was used. 

But she kept to the false talking points, – never wavered, – and proved to be a loyal little token.
Four Fools 

When Republican senators balked at seeing her appointed as SecState [she’s even less qualified than Lurch], Obama was determined to elevate her. Now she IS an INSIDER, – and Morell is O-U-T-!Avirl Haines

Mike’s replacement?   White House lawyer Avril D. Haines, age 43 – with some State Dept experience – BUT NO OVERSEAS EXPERIENCE AT ALL…. Gee, a moonbat lawyer running spook operations.  Yeah, that should ~ almost ~ work.  Looks good for AA/EEO though!  The NY Times is DELIGHTED!

OK, read this entry again, let it sink in, and see if you don’t have a wave of nausea sweep over you…  Sorry, – but this is the world the MoonBats condemned us to last November…

Guess who else is nervous tonight…?  That’s right – Lurch!  He got the job Hillary had ‘promised’ Rice, so now he’s on Susan’s short list!

3 Responses to “Susan ‘Liar’ Rice Takes Her First Scalp”

  1. Casey Chapman

    And if Lurch is ousted——–how will that effect our special election? Just thought. We need a strong candidate next time out. Not one who, like Romney turns into Mr. Nice Guy, once the primary season is over. Our country is condemned to seeing Chicago style politics in our presidential elections for a long time to come.


    She won’t go after Lurch right away Casey, – she’ll bide her time, – make his life hell for a few months. They need to have a replacement ready in the wings,…one the Senate will breeze through…

  2. Tom

    The triumvirate of Valerie Jarrett, Samantha Powers and Susan Rice are the most powerful and dangerous women in America. Why are the Inside the beltway RiNOs so quick to confirm Powers? The appointment of Haines is just another addition to the cartel and we should be very wary.

  3. Kojack

    Disqualification and incompetence are pre-requisites of Obysmal’s inner circle.