Susan Collins Will Vote To CONFIRM!

Posted October 5th, 2018 by Iron Mike

She spoke for nearly a full hour – recounted each and every detail of Kavanaugh’s confirmation process….and how she had weighed the evidence and lack of corroboration – for and against him.

She did blast the person who leaked the Ford letter.  Even as she was speaking Capitol Police were clearing protesters from in front of her office – arresting six.

3 Responses to “Susan Collins Will Vote To CONFIRM!”

  1. Marc

    I’m glad she did the right thing. What happened to Kavanaugh was a travesty, and only cements my view that the Democrats are the enemy of everything decent. Hopefully he’s got enough votes to get on the Supreme Court. Now, if only that pinko zombie Ginzberg would shed her mortal coil…

  2. Mt Woman

    Thank you Senator Collins for using your brain and not succumbing to fear. On the other hand Alaska’s Senator Murkowski sounded like a rambling petunia–no backbone or soul!

  3. Civil service dreg

    Well spoken lady!!! She shouldn’t have any problem with those Fake demacrap stinkers or their cronies in her state due to the fact that those rotten turds haven’t collected everybody’s guns nor will they ever!!! Just an idea, dem turds want open borders so pick up a few bus loads of illegals and drop a few off at Schumer’s, Feinstein’s and all the other acc senators homes and tell them this is your new home in till your green cards come in. WOW what acc holes! I want my tax dollars that they get back! I’m not paying them to destroy OUR GREAT COUNTRY!!!