Sunday Night Warfare In Portland

Posted July 27th, 2020 by Iron Mike

There seem to be 4 distinct groups:  The AntiFA rioters,  the “Press”,  the Federal and Portland cops,  – and the stupid onlookers who came to watch the excitement.

This video is over three (3) hours long,  we moved the start point to where the action began to heat up.

As you watch – note the number of fireworks thrown at or fired at the Officers,  and the extreme professionalism of the Officers – who ignore some extreme provocations.

The AntiFA thugs again came fully equipped  – gas masks,  leaf blowers to disperse tear gas,  tools to break down the fence,  bull horns and trumpets to make constant noise,  and everybody has a smart phone to record everything.

RRB noticed that the Portland Police appeared Sunday night in good numbers,  and worked in close coordination with the Feds,  – to scoop up key troublemakers (they screamed like little girls) and maintain a line of separation.

If only these Portland Cops had a worthy City Council and Mayor – instead of four Commies.

You can move the slider if you want to watch the entire 3¼ hours….but we’re guessing there will be more of this tonight.

Don’t think this is JUST Portland.  Soros wants at least 30 cities ablaze by mid-October.  That’s a key reason why the colleges don’t want to reopen.  They want the left-wing students available as cannon fodder,  – and they want the riots to be in the city downtowns,  – NOT on their manicured campuses.

You might also note the VERY FEW Black faces in the mob.  This is an AntiFA show – being run by mostly rich white liberals steeped in Socialist / Communist doctrine in your public school systems.

Just suppose they managed to overwhelm and capture some Portland Cops of Federal Officers… What would they do with them?

3 Responses to “Sunday Night Warfare In Portland”

  1. panther 6

    I fear stopping this crap will require an early and very cold winter or the triple B. I mean bayonets, bullets and blood is all these anarchists understand. I see Antifa, BLM and some idiot citizens, many of whom are being paid for their services, all being manipulated by George Soros and OFA. I may be wrong.

  2. FLICK

    I never understood the need to protest a/k/a RIOT at night. Why not in the light of day when your banners can be read easier and you’re feeling well-rested rather than after a hard day of WORK? Surely your employer would give you the time off to exercise your right to free speech. Or does the cowardice meter spike at fall of darkness?

  3. Blossom Stiefel

    Democrat politicians have bowed to the dangerous mobs that are terrorizing their streets. These foolish mayors and governors have emboldened these thugs and are allowing this to continue.

    Antifa and Black Lives Matter are avowed socialists or communists. Many are anarchists who want to tear down our society and end America as we know it. They must be stopped, we need to save our country. They need to face real legal consequences, and go to prison for a long time for their violence and destruction. President Trump should send in the military and bring these monsters to justice immediately.

    Our children’s future is at stake, wake up America!