Suicide Bombing In Peshawar

Posted September 22nd, 2013 by Iron Mike

All day the numbers kept rising; 30, – 56, – now 75 killed.  Over 120 wounded.
Peshawar Church Bombing
The ‘Religion of Peace’ strikes AGAIN!   Two suicide bombers strike outside a Christian church in Peshawar, Pakistan, as parishioners gathered for a meal.

Across the Muslim world, WHERE are the demonstrations of OUTRAGE by Muslims?  Where are the words of OUTRAGE from Muslims in America?  In Massachusetts?  In Middlesex county?
Map of Pakistan
How many Americas will ignore this – and the mall in Nairobi yesterday – as ‘somebody else’s problem’?  How many will continue to deny that Islam is an evil ‘religion’?
Peshawar Victims
And with evil like this attacking malls and churches, – Democrats want you disarmed?

PLEASE NOTE: This suicide bombing occurred in SEPTEMBER 2013

There was a new atrocity on Tuesday, Dec 16th 2014 – when the Taliban attacked a Pakistan Army run school – killing 84 kids – the sons of soldiers.

4 Responses to “Suicide Bombing In Peshawar”

  1. Varvara

    There will be silence from the Muslims everywhere. There will be silence from non-Muslims everywhere. Except – Israel. The IDF has appeared and has started recuing hostages as only the IDF knows how.

  2. Tom

    Where is our fearless leader speaking out for the Christians and non Muslims that have been slaughtered in the past two days? He is most likely using his bully pulpit at the Navy Yard to push his gun control agenda when in fact if the security personal had been armed or had ammunition for their weapons the killer would have been been stopped earlier and undoubtedly many lives saved. You can’t trust the security guards with loaded weapons, but you can provide weapons and ammunition to the Islamic Syrian rebels.

  3. Tom

    Where is our “fearless leader” with the outcry for the Christians and non Muslims killed in the last two days in Kenya, his homeland, and Pakistan. He is probably preaching his anti gun agenda at the DC Navy Yard where the guards are either unarmed or without ammunition. Had they been armed, the killer would have been stopped and lives saved. It is far better to perpetuate his ideology and blame the guns rather than the system that allowed the killer to obtain a clearance when he should have received a DD from the Navy. The PC Navy is reluctant to severely discipline the “angry black man”.

  4. Casey Chapman

    Our “dear” leader couldn’t care less about the Christians in the Middle East OR in our own country.