Suffolk DA Rachael Rollins Tours Europe

Posted May 15th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Because Boston’s Justice system is so deeply rooted in German and Portuguese Law?
Suffolk County DA Rachael Rollins is on a European Jaunt – touring Germany and Portugal to view their soft and easy approach to Criminal Justice – fluffy pillows and all….

Just wait till you learn who’s funding the trip!

First stop is Germany – where Chancellor Angela Merkel (the German Obama) was too consumed with post-Nazi and post-Russian guilt to understand that those hordes of incoming Muslims were the foot solders of Osama bin Laden,  – bent on conquering the now spineless Germans by sheer weight of numbers….

The group trip – 20 prosecutors from across the USA – was paid for by “Fair and Just Prosecution” – a so-called non-profit group dedicated to a softer approach to criminal justice for Black criminals.

When you hear the term “DARK MONEY” – this is it!

Money moves from liberal donors through two, three, four, – even five layers of 501 (c)(3) “non-profits” – who DON’T HAVE TO REPORT ANYTHING – so that the donors are all-but-invisible….

So dark money from Soros – through OSF – through Tides – through Fair and Just – to buy a trip to Europe,  and a chance to further cement the brainwashing of left-wing toadies….

Hey you stupid Boston Democrats: you ~ think ~ that DA Rollins works for YOU?!?!

She works for George Soros – just like Kim Foxx!

And WHO is George Soros?   If you google him it will say he’s a billionaire investor and philanthropist.

That’s his cover story.  He started out as a teenage Hungarian Nazi – who used to loot the homes of Jews sent to the camps (or merely shot in nearby woods). 

In his book he called it “…the happiest time of his life!”

He’s spent these past 40+ years bankrupting European nations and funding extreme left-wing causes.  He funded Obama’s rise to power in Illinois and then to the White House.  His sons continue his work.

2 Responses to “Suffolk DA Rachael Rollins Tours Europe”

  1. Joe

    Also in the pictures,(chubby guy with gray hair, wearing sunglasses, black jacket and light blue shirt in the first picture, and to the right of the arrow, with no sunglasses or jacket in the second) is Eric Gonzalez, DA of Brooklyn, NY, and (dressed all in black, with long, black, curly hair and carrying a big blue bag in the second picture), is Marilyn Mosby, Baltimore States Attorney!!!!

    Incompetent Mosby prosecuted the police officers in the death of career criminal, drug addict Freddy Gray. Mosby probably never tried a case but was elected because ‘demographics’. Half her office quit after that. She went after the cops with no evidence, just because she hates cops, even black ones. They were all acquitted and are now suing her. Baltimore will be worse than Detroit soon, no matter how many Maryland commercials they run. Thanks to Mosby, Rawlings-Blake (who allowed the looting of her city as mayor) and Pugh (who quit after the feds raided her house and office), Baltimore has no leadership. They have gone through half a dozen police commissioners in half as many years. These female Kwame Kilpatricks are the gift that keeps on giving.

    Eric Gonzalez is a competent DA, sad to see him smiling and having fun amongst criminals.

  2. Marc

    Affirmative action in action…