“Sue The Bastards!”

Posted February 13th, 2013 by Iron Mike

A sordid tale of a poor student – suing for a better grade…
C+ Megan

Oh woe unto Megan – her life
and her future are in a shambles.

She’ll never amount to anything – unless a judge changes her C+ grade to a B; – or awards her $1,300,000.oo!

Megan Thode graduated – tuition free – from Lehigh – because her daddy teaches Real Estate and Finance there.  THEN she continued on to grad school to become…a human services counselor

But a ‘mean lady professor’ only gave her a C+ in her field work – and a big fat ZERO for classroom participation.  Without a B, – she was doomed to the counter at McDonalds.  OR,…she went on to get her Master’s in Human Development,…dooming her to work with drug and alcohol addicts.  Yuck!

She lawyered up.  The case is before Judge Emiddio Giordano in Northampton County.  Will His Honor give her a ‘B’, – or a big payday, – or tell her to live with her C+?
C+ Court Battle
Do you think we should have a system of loser pays?  How’d you like to be called for jury duty – for a case this stupid?

UPDATE: It didn’t take Judge Giordano long to toss this one – “plaintiff failed to establish that the university based the awarded grade of C+ on anything other than purely academic reasons.”

Megan – time to get on with your C+ life!

4 Responses to ““Sue The Bastards!””

  1. Kojack

    The Thodes must be low info Obysmal supporters.

  2. Flick

    This is what I woke up to this morning on the local news from Allentown. I thought I was missing the concept or the context. Alas, no. Is this a great country or what???

  3. Walter Knight

    The real problem is judges who allow this type of lawsuit to even get to court. This case should be dismissed on motion of summary judgement, never get to trial, and the lawyer be disciplined for bringing a frivilous lawsuit.

    But no, we allow these types of lawsuits. If you can sue for spilling hot coffee on yourself while driving with the coffee held between your legs, you can sue for anything. There is no personal responsibility.

    The problem for business and anyone with deep pockets is that activist judges and vindictive juries want to sock-it-to-the-man for reparations. Usually these kinds of suits are filed in some dump like Brooklyn.

  4. Walter Knight

    DISCLAIMER; The above message appears closer on your computer screen than it really is.