Suddenly, Bernie Needs Black Friends?

Posted February 11th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Wednesday morning’s urgent visit with lifelong race-baiting tax-dodger Al Sharpton highlights the sheer hypocrisy of Sanders’ entire political theology.   Why at age 72 does he still have no Black friends of his own– after spending his entire life on either the public payroll – or on the public dole…?
Sanders with Sharpton

Suddenly he needs Black friends
– to seem as if he really cares about them?   And he picks one of America’s premier race pimps to introduce him around?

Most people have forgotten November and December 2008, – back when against all common logic Obama had just won the election over war hero McCain.

Most people weren’t aware then – and still aren’t – that Obama came into power without a Rolodex; – he had no list of lifelong trusted friends from which to fill cabinet positions,  ambassadorships,  and judgeships…

.so he borrowed Bill Clinton’s lists,…and his cabinet was full of Clinton loyalists…

Sanders now faces much the same problem,…it’s just surfacing much earlier.

Winning [almost] in Iowa and then New Hampshire is one thing,  – but now he’s going to need a machine equal to the Clinton Cartel to win in the big states and in particular in the big cities.

And like all Democrats – and ALL Communists – he’s given only lip service to America’s Black population.

He’s spent ZERO time with Black folks, – and none in their inner-city voter plantations.

Rather, he’s spent his entire life seething in rage against “…the top 1% of the top 1%…those rich people who control all the money…”

Breakfast in Harlem

So Bernie had breakfast Wednesday with Sharpton – who has visited the White House a reported 61 times since Obama took office.  

Bernie made it inside just twice…..

Sharpton White House guest

At RRB we encourage Democrats who are thinking about voting for Sanders – because they want “Free Stuff”,   – to do some math….

.if Bernie plans to pay for everything by taxing “the top 1% of the top 1%”

how many people exactly is that…???

Start with our population: roughly 323,000,000….. Do the math.

Then divide your final number by 2, – since in most of those “über-rich families”, – there is still really only one ‘breadwinner’ [or as Bernie sees them – robber-barons].

My math [albeit it rusty] has me believing that Bernie believes ~ somehow ~ that he can provide free college and free medical care to 323 million Americans…

by stripping 90% of the wealth from a mere 16,000 über-rich people….

Bernie believes in Lollipop Trees

I wonder if Bernie was aware of the irony – that just two short years ago – there was Sharpton – parading on the White House Red Carpet – for a state dinner honoring the French President….

Kind’a makes you wonder,…if,…IF…Bernie was actually elected….who’s in his Rolodex?

Who would he call on to run the government?   Obama’s Racist Cartel,…or Clinton’s Crime Family Cartel…?

But when we see this lifelong communist reach out to the lifelong race pimp,…it sure look like America is in for 8½ long ugly months of class and race warfare – while young stupid people are fed visions of lollipop trees.

What did Bernie offer Al,…and will Hillary offer more….

Do the MATH Damnit!   How can Bernie offer FREE STUFF to 323,000,000 Americans – just by super-taxing the über-rich?

And don’t believe that Hillary can do it either,….she’s been a Public Liar since 1974!

Do you suppose Sharpton bothered to ask Bernie about his plans to reduce Black unemployment?

Or did he just want assurances that the free stuff would continue to flow into the hoods…?

4 Responses to “Suddenly, Bernie Needs Black Friends?”

  1. Panther 6

    Hypocrisy at its ZENITH. With deals cooked up in neat little restaurant corners NO WONDER Trump is getting such support. Sharpton is such a race pimp it isn’t even worth commenting on. Wonder if a new administration would go after him for his tax issue. I doubt it. All the politicos, repeat all the D.C. mob fear burning ghettos.

  2. Hawk1776

    The uber-rich don’t pay taxes like the peons do. Increasing taxes on 1% of the 1% won’t generate much revenue.

    Anyone who cozies up to Sharpton is beyond contempt, but Bernie has has problem. He is such an irascible zealot that he has no friends. Republicans hate him. Mainstream Democrats hate him. Normal citizens outside of Vermont and New Hampshire hate him. There aren’t many other areas he can turn to for support.

  3. Tom Gilroy

    Pimps, pimps, pimps, race pimps, socialist pimp and liar pimp, the Dems have the market cornered on pimps. They should be so proud of what they have offered their potential Dem voters. What a choice? Do you wonder why 20,000 more Republicans voted in the NH primary than Democrats. This is a reverse from the last primary. Could there be a trend?