Submissive MoonBats Come To Kennedy

Posted January 18th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Like lemmings,  – or moths to the flame,  – they came to Newton South High to listen to yet another Kennedy bamboozle them for future votes.   They’re MoonBats,  – they’ve been doing it for generations;  – they know no other way of thinking.

And young JPK III was in full “Rock Star mode”;  – he spoke for just 20 minutes – long enough to make the front pages,…then ducked out….

Can you fully grasp the irony…..?

Here is the last in a long line of smugglers, playboys, fornicators, rapists, murderers, wife-beaters, drunks, adulterers, and suicidally-careless Kennedys…

.asking the pablum-gulping lemmings to entrust HIM to lead the Democrat rebuilding and rebranding effort…

Was there any apology for railroading Bernie Sanders,  – and trying to seize the White House with the most corrupt woman in all of History…? Crickets!


Then ignoring the GIANT ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT ISSUE in the room,  – the boy rock star ducked out.

All he was after was getting his picture on the cover of the Globe and the Herald – thus one-upping the Squaw….

With the Newton City Counsel poised to defy logic and Trump – and vote to call themselves a Sanctuary City,  – did young JPK III have any words of wisdom or caution?

Nah,…he’s above all that…..   His entire focus is surviving the 2018 Mid-Terms – even before Trump is sworn in.

Now just imagine you live in Newton,…and you don’t want violent criminal illegals living in your town – untouched by the cops you’re paying for protection….

.does Kennedy’s marked indifference seem just a tad elitist…?

But then,…MassHole MoonBats know no other way….

Thinking is NOT an option!

Scroll back up…look at the faces of the lemmings….

3 Responses to “Submissive MoonBats Come To Kennedy”

  1. Catherine

    Maybe it’s going to take an invasion of dragons to wake them up.

    Komodo Dragons

  2. Kojack

    “Scroll back up…look at the faces of the lemmings….”

    Yep….they’re MassHoles alright. They care not a whit about competence, ethics, morals, hypocrisy or double standards. Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse, they always find a way to get the bar even lower.

  3. Sonny's Mom

    When this guy goes all centrist and starts saying, “The Democratic party let people down,” it’s clearly just a diversion.