Subject: I Never Cared…Until….

Posted July 10th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Dear Angry Protester:

I never cared if you were “gay’ or whatever acronym you chose to call yourself,  until you started making a public nuisance and spectacle of yourself, demanding attention and public adulation.  When you forced your way into the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade,  and started to adopt straight orphans and teach gay sex in our schools,  you crossed a line.

I never cared what color you were,  if you were a good human,  – until you started blaming me and America’s Founders for your personal problems and your own poor decisions.

I never cared much about your political affiliation,  until you started to condemn me for mine.   Then you tried to silence me. 

Now you’ve begun a lobby to tear down my country, – the country I fought for.   

When you became outright Socialists and Communists – you became my domestic enemies.

I never cared where you were from in this great republic,  until you began condemning people based upon where they were born,  and stigmatizing the cultural history that makes them who they are.

I never cared if you were well off or poor,  because I have been both.  That is, until you started calling me names for working hard and bettering myself.   I have been very poor, – and very hungry in the past;   and I worked very hard to change that.  

Now you demand working taxpayers to pay so you could live in comfort – without working.

Entry-level jobs were never meant to support a growing family.  You are supposed to use that first opportunity to learn life skills,  to grow your résumé while you get an education,  and move on to a better-paying job than flipping burgers.

I never cared if your beliefs were different than mine,  until you said my beliefs were wrong,  and began burning churches.

Now, I care.

I’ve given all the tolerance I have to give.  This is no longer my problem.  It is your problem.  You can still fix it.  It is not too late,  but it will be soon, – VERY SOON!

I’m a very patient person,  but my patience is running very low. There are MILLIONS of people just like me.

We are really tired of being the silent patient majority,  – obeying our laws and working every day, – only to see you come in outraged mobs,  – to bully,  to destroy,  to maim, burn, and kill,  – – because you want to be ‘respected’ and be handed a comfortable no-worries lifestyle.

We’re really tired of your blaming all cops for a few isolated incidents,  – when your own neighborhoods are shooting galleries (drugs and bullets) every day and every night.

It isn’t White Cops making Black teenage girls pregnant.

I for one am really tired of certain Black ‘spokespeople’ demanding Reparations for Slavery.

Those reparations have been Paid in FULL,  – long ago – between 1861 – 1865,  – on a hundred battlefields,  – by those 360,222 dead and 282,000 wounded Union Soldiers who fell to save the Nation and free your ancestors.

Some who fell were Black Soldiers – visionary volunteers who wanted a seat at the table when the war was over.

Is it too much for you – 155 years later,  to show a little respect,  a little humility,  and even a little gratitude?

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier,  – Still Good for Parts!

NOTE:  The core text here was forwarded to me by another old soldier friend (58 years).  The original author was ‘unknown’. I added a bit to it.



7 Responses to “Subject: I Never Cared…Until….”

  1. Sue Ettwein

    Thank you, thank you for putting into words what I have been struggling to express. This is an excellent post that, I am sure, speaks to SO many people.

  2. Jim Ettwein

    Huzzah! Great post, Mike. This is so true, and so overlooked. The miscreants out there should read it. I won’t hold my breath. But, if the rest of us read it, we can be more active holding the line against such invaders.

  3. Stubby Buddy

    AMEN, Iron Mike! You’re right – millions of us feel JUST this way.

  4. Varvara

    If these agitators were truly concerned about slavery why haven’t they spoken up about the 4 million slaves in Africa?
    Perhaps they don’t care and are looking for just free stuff for themselves.


    BECAUSE they are uneducated tools of Soros, – what Stalin used to call “Useful Idiots”.

    The smoke & mirrors game being played on America today is this phony RACE WAR, – being conducted by BLM (largely a WHITE group), – to get police departments defunded / disbanded – and let anarchy reign.

    THEN the real SOROS CADRE will appear – with their OWN POLICE FORCE (just like the SA back in Hitler’s day), – to take over local and state governments – together with the internet, all TV and Radio stations, and the print media.

    Without NEWS or a means to communicate, even the toughest patriots will suddenly feel isolated, alone, and helpless to take a stand.

    The BLM fools will be the first herded aboard the freight cars.

  5. panther 6

    Mike; Well done, this one has to be among your best. I hope you are wrong about the SOROS POLICE ever arriving on our streets. That idiot piece of feces can’t live forever and just maybe the FEDS will find cause to indict him for something; if any among them has the cajones to do so.

  6. GreenBeretLTC

    Ever my inspiration, Mike. I’m going to plagiarize the shit out of this to my libertard acquaintances!

  7. Kojack

    Outstanding post, Mike, it expresses my own sentiments to a tee. I just kicked two racist blacks off my company’s property who ACTUALLY DROVE THRU THE GATE AND ONTO THE PROPERTY AND WERE SITTING IN AN OUTDOOR EMPLOYEE SMOKING AREA!!! WHAT’S NEXT, WOULD THEY TRY TO COME IN AND USE THE MICTOWAVES IN THE LUNCH ROOM?!?!? THESE IGNORANT, ENTITLEMENT MINDED, RACIST MINORITIES ARE THE ONES THAT ARE PRIVALEGED NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. Now I’m expecting to come in tomorrow to find BLM spray painted on the building.