Stupak’s 15 Minutes Are Over – Bye!

Posted April 9th, 2010 by Iron Mike

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Alleged “Blue Dog holdoutBart Stupak was briefly in the national spotlight, a faint hope for Constitutionalists that the steamroller of ObamaCare could be stopped on the House floor.  But Stupak had always planned to cave, so he held out for some airport upgrades in his district.  Chump Change compared to Mary Landreau’s or Ben Nelson’s deals.  Then he got to attend the Executive Signing Session.  I bet he didn’t even get a kiss! 

Stupak's District

Today the 9-term Congressman for Michigan’s 1st District announced he’s heading home – done with Congress.  Small wonder.  He was taking heat from both the pro-abortion left and the anti-abortion right,  who see his vote for ObamaCare as a betrayal of his 18 years of campaign promises about being pro-life

She’s Worried About Getting Pregnant?

His legacy is that for at least the next 10 and maybe 20 years his last name “Stupak” will be linked in political circles with “cheap whore”, someone who holds out for just a little bigger fee to sell their soul. 

But Stupak sold more than his soul, – he sold out the voters of his district who trusted him, and like all senators and representatives who voted for all these recent unconstitutional bills, – he sold out his country. 

And Stupak’s antics attracted a very viable Republican to run against him – Michigan Doctor Dan Benishek.  Go Doctor Dan!!

I’ll not be surprised at all in coming years to learn that Stupak, a one-time police officer,  takes the route of many disgraced cops.  I think he’ll eat his gun. Think about it, – sitting alone and disgraced up in the north woods, the butt of endless jokes, – what’s he got left to live for?

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One Response to “Stupak’s 15 Minutes Are Over – Bye!”

  1. Damien

    To say that Stupak betrayed any principle implies that he ever really held any.

    IMO, Stupak’s pro-life sentiments were a politically convenient facade. It was the facade that he allowed to crumble. I doubt very much if he loses any sleep over betraying his supporters.

    He has his pension and his Cadillac health plan. Honor? You can’t miss what you never had.