Streetz Is DEAD. He’s # 100!

Posted May 10th, 2018 by Iron Mike

If you’re born as a Black baby in Baltimore,  – you’ll be damned lucky to make it to your 21st birthday.

But your congressmen will blame Republicans,  – and your mayor will blame ‘guns’.

Today Baltimore is celebrating it’s 100th Murder of 2018.

C e l e b r a t i n g ? 

Yeah,  – if you keep doing the same stupid crap year-after-year,  electing the same left-wing kleptocrats,  – and keep paying young teenage girls to have babies – so they can get on welfare,….then you must be a racist LBJ DemoCRAP,  – and you must be celebrating how well his plan is working 54 years later.

Mayor Catherine Pugh reacted to the murder this morning.

“This was not just somebody playing on the basketball court.  But let me just say this to you all:  No child,  no child,  no death in this city is acceptable,  and we’ve got to get guns out of the hands of our children and we’ve got to get guns out of the hands of those who are carrying illegal guns on our streets.”

Asked how do you get rid of the guns, Pugh replied:   “Stop making them.”

Do any of you readers think that a Black big-city mayor like Pugh is EVER going to acknowledge the truth about the Democrat Party and their Black Inner-City Welfare Voter Plantation?

So you Democrats, – ask yourself:

When was the last time you heard a Democrat politician tell Black teenagers NOT to have babies before they’re married and are able to SUPPORT them…?

When was the last time you heard a Democrat call for the Death Penalty?

When was the last time you heard a Democrat blame the government welfare system for 70+% of black babies being born to unwed teenage mothers?

When was the last time you heard a Democrat blame “Guns in the streets”?

20 Jan 2009 – 20 Jan 2017: Eight priceless years SQUANDERED! 

Did I mention that Mayor Pugh has promised to use taxpayer funds to help illegals stay in Baltimore…?   Is that her spending priority?


Wanna see how Democraps gerrymander congressional districts?

Google Maryland’s 3rd and 7th CDs….

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3 Responses to “Streetz Is DEAD. He’s # 100!”

  1. Kojack

    Might be a good idea to invest in funeral homes around Baltimore, Chicago, LA and Detroit.

    The plantation dwellers of all races are too stupid and lazy to change. They’d rather STEAL from working Americans rather than get a job and think for themselves.

  2. Vic

    LBJ’s War on Poverty….looks like poverty won.

  3. Panther 6

    LBJ made a terrible mistake and this country is paying the price. A lot of conservative black voices are speaking out now but too few of our black citizens are getting the message. The demorat politicians continue to ride the black vote created by the Great Society and our major cities are decaying and getting worse each year. It is a sad indictment of folks like Schumer and Pelosi but they only care about staying in power. The folks really paying the price are our good black citizens who just want to escape the freebie plantation the demorats have created and see their children have a better life.