Straight Gun Talk From Dom Raso

Posted June 18th, 2016 by Iron Mike

This former Navy SEAL has some blunt advice for you – get yourself an AR-15!
Dom Raso AR-15
And he has blunt words for both crooked left-wing politicians and ignorant media personalities…. Worthy 5 min video below the fold. 

FYI,  I only disagree with Dom on one small point of selecting a home defense weapon.

You MUST look at your home as a potential battleground,  and consider where your bullets might travel – – say at 2 AM when you’re shooting at a pack of drug-fueled criminals who have just broken into your home….

.if you’re a city dweller,  – and the walls of your apartment aren’t brick or stone,  but just plasterboard [aka ‘sheetrock’]…the AR-15 may be too much firepower,…you might shoot right through the walls and kill somebody in the next apartment.

The same is true for certain large caliber pistols…

So consult an expert – or several experts,  – before buying your primary home defense weapon.  You want stopping powerkilling powermultiple shot capability,  but in SOME cases you want to limit penetrating power….

Wargame the battle,  – consider multiple ways a goon might enter,  – and consider carefully where your kids or visitors may be sleeping.

You don’t want to kill a scumbag with three well-aimed shots – only to find out a minute later that those same three bullets passed through the goon,  – through a cheap wall or hollow bedroom door,  – and killed a sleeping family member.

And Folks,  spend the extra money – get your weapon equipped with the RED DOT or Crimson Trace….

AR15 w Crimson Trace

Sure wish I’d had one in Vietnam….

Pistol w Crimson Trace

And always remember the family of Dr. William Petit….

Petit Family

The Petits lived in the SAFEST neighborhood in the SAFEST town in Connecticut.

The goons followed Mrs. Petit home from the supermarket,  – because they were fresh out of prison and they planned to rape her….

4 Responses to “Straight Gun Talk From Dom Raso”

  1. Panther 6

    Yes indeed Mike great blog. And DOM got it right calling the AR 15 (stands for Armalite Rifle) semi automatic not assault rifle. Assault rifles are military weapons firing full automatic if the troop so selects. Dom got it right, semi auto one round every time the trigger is pulled, not a burst of 20 or 30. On TV in a speech today the President even called the shooter’s gun an assault rifle; that’s BS.

    Given the number of rounds Omar must have fired and the number of times he changed magazines I have wondered why no one rushed him??? There were several instances where he had to be vulnerable.

    Someone could have saved a lot of lives.

  2. Mt Woman

    Excellent piece. I believe everyone should get the weapon that they feel the most comfortable in handling. In my case, I have my 22, now I am perfecting my aim!!

  3. Leo the Lion

    As the revelations of Paris, San Bernardino, and Orlando so convincingly demonstrated, and as our Founding Fathers knew in their hearts, an armed citizenry is the best defense against domestic crime and foreign terrorism.

  4. GreenBeretLTC

    I find target ammunition a “stoppable” round that likely won’t pass through a person, but, unfortunately, likely will pass through a sheetrock wall or hollow core door. So, practice well so you won’t miss….