STOP Playing The VICTIM Myeshia Johnson!

Posted October 24th, 2017 by Iron Mike

With every snivel and every rant against President Trump you discredit the character,  judgment,  and sacrifice of your late husband!

Sergeant La David Johnson was NOT a ‘victim’!  He was a 3 x time volunteer – for the Army, – as an Airborne Soldier,  – and for the risks inherent in Special Operations duty.  There were hundreds of safer jobs in the Army,  – tens of thousands of safer jobs in the civilian world.

Trump didn’t kill your husband Myeshia,   Black African Muslims in a group called Boko Haram killed him.  Then they likely mutilated and hacked up his body,  – maybe even fired extra rounds into his corpse.

THAT’S why the Funeral Director didn’t want you to see the body,  – it was likely unrecognizable,  – and badly rotted from three days in the African desert sun.

At least you got a body back to bury.  Thousands of American families never did – and the bodies of their loved ones are ~ maybe ~ buried overseas,  – or lost in the mud or the oceans.

You’ve been complaining that you didn’t like Trump’s call – that he stumbled over La David’s name….. 

Ma’am, – you got a call from the President.  

Obama never called;  – instead he went on national TV and lied about how Americans had been killed – and why.


You’ve been allowing one of the most racist and most despicable sitting Congresswomen – Frederica Wilson – to enlist you in the Democrat’s race war against Trump. 

Is that how Sergeant Johnson felt when he was alive six weeks ago? 

Was he a racist?  Is that why he volunteered for combat duty in Africa?   I don’t think so…

What has Wilson promised you in exchange for you denigrating the character of your husband’s service?  Has she asked you to take to the campaign trail next summer to stir up more racial hatred against our President?

Here’s a quick history lesson for you Myeshia:

Back when King Leonidas was picking 300 Spartans to face the Persians at Thermopylae,  he didn’t pick the youngest, the strongest, or the bravest.  He knew it was to be a one-way mission, – that none of the 300 would return alive.

So he picked the 300 with the strongest wives,  – wives who could withstand the loss of their husbands,  – and still carry on to raise their children as strong Spartans.

Back in my day there was a saying among Special Forces soldiers – that you weren’t really “3 Qualified” until you were twice-divorced and on your third wife.

That’s because the buxom bubbly young prom queens and cheerleaders who tended to marry young SF troopers typically proved too unstable and too immature for life in an SF Group.

The wee-hours phone call – the sudden departure – the prolonged training missions and overseas operations – – followed by the unannounced return of an exhausted and frazzled warrior – who couldn’t and wouldn’t discuss where they’d just been – or what images were causing them to scream in their sleep,  – were all too much for the prom queens – and they soon found their way to lawyer’s offices.

Now Myeshia,  you have a serious life choice before you.   You can be a Spartan wife – and raise your children to be Proud Americans who are justifiably proud of their dad.

Or you can spend a year playing the VICTIM – claiming that President Trump hurt your feelings, and that you want a “Public Apology”…

If you choose this route – the Democrats will drag your ass all over the country next year – then drop you like a soiled diaper after the November election….

Trust me,  if you choose to condemn and berate the President – you will have very little support from within the Special Forces family.  Choose wisely.

Meanwhile,  as you continue to attract attention to yourself and your suffering,  remember that three (3) other Special Forces warriors – all volunteers – were killed in that ambush.  Look around – why aren’t their families sniveling?  

Why aren’t they blaming Trump…?  Maybe because they understood the life and the risks their men were assuming…?


And BTW Myeshia,  Michelle Black, the widow of Staff Sergeant Bryan Black,  – who was killed in the same firefight with La David,  – has a much different take on President Trump’s call.….

12 Responses to “STOP Playing The VICTIM Myeshia Johnson!”

  1. Mt Woman

    How vulnerable the widow must be at this time. She is so heartsick that she believes that her husband’s body may not even be buried. It is criminal to know that the charlatan politicians who are standing close by to pounce on Donald Trump’s communication ability, are not instead, coming out to support the young widow. They would rather go before the press to demean the quality of the phone call that was made out of respect and grief.

    Shame-Shame on Rep Cowboy-girl and her sick cronies to use this sad occasion for personal and party advantage.

  2. Frank L McNamara, Jr.

    And they also may have eaten him.

  3. Frank L McNamara, Jr.

    By the way, Iron Mike, that was a brilliant commentary. Well done!

  4. John 'Ben' Beninati

    Cowboy girl and our own liarwartha just can’t wait for opportunities to spew
    hatred and venom. anything to further their on careers and line their pockets.
    Sooner or later the frauds will be exposed. this is what the democrats only have to offer. Wake up people.

  5. Catherine

    I pity this widow. NOT because she has been left a widow – although that is very sad, and the future ahead of her is hard and (at least for some time) bleak.

    No, I pity her because she is being USED by the hardcore anti-American left politicians to advance their hate-filled agenda, and because she has *allowed* herself to be deceived into thinking that they give a rat’s ass for her, her husband, her children, or anything else that is not them-them-THEM.

    She will end up totally ostracizing herself from the very groups that would have offered her and her children unstinting support – all in exchange for being used and discarded.

    The left is truly despicable.

  6. Clinton ma tea party

    We are all very proud of this Brave American. Now a lot of you think this is not a compliment but it is. I am a veteran myself. Something that I’ve heard over the years said and I cannot believe now that is being attacked because the President of the United States has also said this.
    This Soldier knew what he was getting into when he signed up. That is not an insult. That is saying that this Soldier was more Brave then the common American who would never join the armed services because of being a coward. This Soldier has shown that it means more than I can say to give your life for your country so the blessings of liberty can be passed on to the Next Generation. Semper Fi my friend from this Marine you did your time in hell and now it’s on to Glory for you.

  7. John Pagel

    If anybody enters the ARMY and volunteers for a combat branch, then volunteers for AIRBORNE and beyond and doesn’t have a clue as to what he’s volunteering for he should have never left momma. And anybody that suggests anything different is dumber than a rock.

  8. Kojack

    Excellent post, Mike on a difficult and sensitive subject. I would like to add one more thing if I may.


  9. Panther 6

    Mike: excellent commentary and a bulls eye. Sgt Johnson knew what he was getting into and the risk associated. A three time volunteer, maybe FOUR for this patrol?? We will never know that but you can be sure as the facts come out we will get a clearer picture. I question this being a pure A Detachment – at least two of them were not GBs. Now the reports are that they were chasing an ISIS recruiter? This was apparently the elements 2d patrol>that’s not a lot of bush experience. Sad that four lives were lost but there have been much harsher actions where 20 – 30 lives were lost and there was NO HUE AND CRY at that time. The idiot congresswoman in the cowboy hat is riding a pony that may well cost her a seat in Congress – I hope so. Shame she is using the widow so badly.

  10. Walter Knight

    Congress created democrat safe districts for fools like Wilson to contain their idiocy, because there is no fixing it. She will be re-elected.


    Congress doesn’t do that Walter – each State Legislature draws the districts – and the state governors sign the bills – usually in the year following the Census,

    In rare cases State and / or Federal courts get involved in redistricting disputes.

    That said,…you’re likely taking the safe bet….

  11. Walter Knight

    The States, to comply with the Voting Rights Act of 1965, have gerrymandered districts to ensure black representation. Democrats thought this would guarantee Democrat victories. Republicans went along because it meant blacks would not participate in close districts.

    Conceding safe Democrat districts like the one Representative Wilson was elected from contained her idiocy and allowed for a Republican majority in Congress. As Wilson gain seniority she becomes the future of the Democrat Party. Ha!

  12. Hawk1776

    Excellent commentary Mike.