Steve Cohen: Another Democrat Clown

Posted May 3rd, 2019 by Iron Mike

Stephen Ira Cohen – from Tennessee’s 9th CD (Memphis) is a very odd duck indeed.  He’s Jewish, an attorney from a mediocre law school,  – a wildly liberal progressive,  – and obnoxious to the core.

Republicans should show the picture of this chicken-eating fool (along with Ilhan Omar and AOC) as the face of the Democrat Party in 2020.

Cohen has been a career leach on the public payroll since 1983 (36 years);  in Congress since 2007 (12 years).

Cohen was a full-on Obama Supporter,  – to the point that he joined the left-wing boycott of Benjamin Netanyahu’s 2015 address to Congress.

If Steve Cohen had been paying attention on Wednesday – to AG Barr’s Senate testimony,  he might have realized that his juvenile stunt was only making the case that Democrats cannot be trusted with the tools of Government…

Note how eagerly the reporters in the House Hearing Chamber were to record the clown stunt. They’re part of the Hillary-Obama smoke screen….

8 Responses to “Steve Cohen: Another Democrat Clown”

  1. Vic

    If Holder was still AG, eating fried chicken would definitely be “racist.”

  2. Ben

    What a bunch of fools. They actually get paid for this kind of crap. I can only hope the people who vote for this clown see what they are getting who represent them . Those clowns in the background are just as foolish.
    I’m pretty sure the tax payers paid for the chicken also.
    What a cheap shot!

  3. panther 6

    A cheap shot, YES sir absolutely, but also shameful that this display took place in our House of Representatives. In my mind this is another bottom of the ocean event by our demorat party members. We all know what rests on the bottom of the ocean,,,whale dung.

  4. Kojack

    “….Democrats cannot be trusted with the tools of Government…..”

    But that doesn’t matter to the TAKERS AND THE MORONS WHO VOTE FOR THEM.

  5. GreenBeretLTC

    Simply more testimony that there are more horses asses in this country than there are horses….

  6. Walter Knight

    Everything liberal is a fraud.

  7. Varvara

    There seems to be no dignity left in our Congress.

  8. Joshua Norman

    I don’t know what made him look more ridiculous, his stunt, or the fact that he was eating treyf.

    [non-kosher food]