Steve Bannon Tears Up RiNO Romney

Posted December 7th, 2017 by Iron Mike

The Alabama Senate Race is UGLY!   Of course loser Mitt Romney tried to jump into it on behalf of the never-Trumpers….

Steve Bannon just took Romney and his entire family to the woodshed,  – a trip long overdue!   TY Steve!  3½ delightful minutes below the fold

Sadly Romney will likely go to his grave thinking of himself as “a Prince of the Republican Party”,….when he was nothing more than a mediocre governor who bolted Massachusetts in January 2007 – for a shot at running for President in 2008,  – only to be nudged aside by John McCain.

But he left his inept LtGov Kerry “Muffy” Healey to take on Deval Patrick,  – and Massachusetts was quickly double-fucked – Deval Patrick AND Obama.

Only Romney’s enormous EGO keeps his Utah mouth flapping about issues in Alabama.

Anybody familiar with the back-stabbing ways of Mitt Romney should quickly realize that if he’s standing against Roy Moore, – then Roy Moore must be a very worthy Conservative Patriot!

Sometimes we need to judge people by the quality of their friends,  – other times by the vileness of their enemies,  – and sometimes by both.

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