Steve Bannon Fires Up California’s GOP

Posted October 21st, 2017 by Iron Mike

This may be the best 40-minute political / economic lecture you’ll ever hear, – a blunt honest assessment of recent history and our current world situation.

If you take the time – you will gain fresh insights,…even on stuff you think you already know cold.


AFTER you’ve listened to Steve,  – go back and look at the posting last night about Chinese President Xi Jinping’s recent speech.

See if you can connect the dots!

If Trump and Bannon can see the looming danger – why can’t Democrats?

One Response to “Steve Bannon Fires Up California’s GOP”

  1. Catherine

    In order to see danger, you must have your eyes open. You must have a clue. You must be *willing* to admit the existence of those who do not and never will agree with our founding principles. You must admit there are countries whose ambition is to control the world. You must admit the existence of evil. You must not secretly AGREE with our enemies.

    Take out any one of those, and you will never see (or at least, admit to) any danger.