Steve Bannon At Values Voter Summit 2017

Posted October 14th, 2017 by Iron Mike

…who is more powerful:  the money of the Corporatists – or the muscle of the People?”

If you’re not familiar with Steve, – or if you’ve been hearing negative things about him in recent weeks,  – do yourself a favor and listen for 30 minutes.  You’ll hear about running the elite RiNOs out of the Elephant Herd!

Steve talks about a struggle – a 25-year war to repair and right America.

3 Responses to “Steve Bannon At Values Voter Summit 2017”

  1. Catherine

    I will have to listen to this.

    The last time I saw Mr Bannon’s name mentioned was the scroll bar at the bottom of the certainly NOT news network where it claimed Mr Bannon said President Trump has only a 30% chance of finishing his term. They were wondering how Congress would handle the 25th Amendment in that case. I’ll bet that is the ONLY time that particular fake news outlet has even thought about the Constitution!

    Since the info was coming from a source that has …shall we say an extreme male reaction, the type of which is frequently the source of supportive drug therapy advertisements? …about the idea of Mr Trump not finishing his term, it seemed likely in the extreme that they were merely inventing more bad news about our President. (I only saw this particular source of lies because it was on in a store I had entered – I would NEVER watch it voluntarily!)

  2. Michael W Dane

    That was awesome! Thanks for putting it up.

  3. John 'Ben' Beninati

    Great speaker, (no teleprompters that I could see). Hope to hear more from him in the future. Makes one feel truly optimistic about the future.