Stephen Lynch: Boston’s Premier Hypocrite!

Posted May 21st, 2017 by Iron Mike

25 years in government…..7 on Beacon Hill and now 16 in Congress,  and this pot-smoking drunk, – former Union President turned lawyer,  – who never served a day in uniform,  – is suddenly using sick veterans as political stepping stones.

Where was your ‘concern’ these past 25 years Stephen?

If slavery was America’s “Original Sin”,  – then our historic treatment of sick and wounded veterans is a close contender.

For over 235 years politicians at both the state and federal level have made promises about “caring for our heroic veterans”….gotten themselves elected,  – then re-elected,…and done little beyond that campaign trail lip service.

Today’s VA System is a mixture of successes in some hospitals,  and fake waiting lists and watered-down prescriptions in others. 

Fraud, waste, and union abuse abound,  – yet nobody has gone to prison.

A recent Boston Herald story on Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) patients being misdiagnosed has caused first Senator Markey and now Congressman Lynch to jump on the sound-bite bandwagon – demanding action.

It is sheer hypocrisy!

They should both be calling for a Special Prosecutor to investigate the VA Management and it’s cold-blooded unions including the AFGE,  NFFE,  and the SEIU.

People who mistreat sick and elderly veterans should do serious prison time – preferably in a brutally primitive prison.

But don’t expect Stephen Lynch or any Democrat to say any harsh words about how labor unions use helpless veterans as perpetual rice bowls.

So now comes Stephen, once arrested for smoking pot,  once a self-declared alcoholic,  – and never a day in uniform….

.to grab a few headlines as he ‘questions’ the head of the Boston VA on the recent failures to diagnose and treat TBIs.

Once again we see a Democrat – who never gave a shit about Veterans for all of his 25 years in government – use them to add credibility to his 2018 re-election campaign,  and his eventual run to replace Markey in the Senate.

Hypocrite is the ancient Greek word for Democrat Politician!


Remember that Lynch is a Democrat who gleefully VOTED for ObamaCare, – – but who now acts ‘Shocked and Upset’ – when he discovers that Government-Administered Medicine just totally SUCKS!

2 Responses to “Stephen Lynch: Boston’s Premier Hypocrite!”

  1. Joe Ureneck

    “Remember that Lynch is a Democrat who gleefully VOTED for ObamaCare”

    He voted against it.

  2. Jeffrey White

    You people are all friggin idiots.


    Please EXPLAIN your remark Jeffrey, – and please be specific about which parts of which blog entries qualify us as ‘idiots’.

    BTW,…couldn’t help but notice you used your US Government Computer to write your comment. Secretary Shulkin might prefer that you do government work on government time, and do your blog commenting from home. Which union do you belong to?