Posted June 7th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Somewhere near half your relatives and townspeople have been exhibiting insanity – some for over a year.  They wanted either a socialist throwback,  a sociopathic liar,  or a dynasty RiNO as our next President.
2016 Candidates
And none of them have ever even read,  – much less studied,  – our Constitution.   It’s time for YOU to step up,  – speak boldly,  – and be the common sense Republican Patriot in their lives.

You have just 163 days to open minds and change votes.

Your task will not be easy, – but either were the years of our Revolutionary War.

Democrats generally ‘think’ with their feelings,….and many lack the educational background [despite advanced degrees] to understand History, Economics or Constitutional Law.

Today most Democrats have a simple WANT LIST:  – a WOMAN President,  gay marriage,  legal marijuana,  feel-good open borders,  free health care,  $15/hour minimum wage,  and a comfortable retirement for everybody – earned or not.

They have no concept about Islam, ISIS, terrorism, Muslim migration, China, or how many lives we’ve lost to get and keep this free Republic.   They really don’t care.

Most think we live in a Democracy,  – and they can’t explain the difference between a democracy and a republic, – just as they can’t explain the differences between Socialism and Communism.

Think I’m exaggerating?  Go ask a Bernie supporter to explain…

90% of Democrats just plain don’t know History. Test them yourself…

Can they explain how the American Civil War began?  Why was it fought?  If they say ‘slavery’, – they’re clueless…

Can they explain how World War One began, and during what years it raged?  Do they know the causes or the outcome…?

If they talk about a pistol shot they learned nearly nothing in school,  – because they don’t understand the difference between a triggering event and a cause….

.so of course they don’t understand why we were attacked on 911….

.and if they’re unable to explain the Muslim Brotherhood,…they are clueless about events across North Africa, the Middle East, and now across Europe….

…which means they probably regard Muslims as different but peaceful….even after 9/11,  Fort Hood,  Little Rock,  Moore, Oklahoma,  the Marathon Bombing,  Paris,  Madrid,  London,  Aberdeen,  Jakarta,  San Bernardo,  Chattanooga…..

.and they likely have never heard of La Raza…..

.and they are likely blissfully unaware of events in Argentina and Venezuela….

Most can’t point to Benghazi, Syria, or North Korea on an unmarked map.

For 40+ years our Union School Teachers have done a masterful job of dumbing down a once literate and informed American population, – to the awareness and intelligence level of Medieval European serfs

…but so long as these serfs have iPhones,  Reality TV,  and a goodly marijuana supply,…they’re completely content!

I TOLD you this wouldn’t be easy!

So start with easy questions – designed both to make the thoughtless THINK, – and to make them ~ slightly ~ uncomfortable….

Who will Hillary pick as her VP, – Senator Squaw, Joe Biden, or Michelle Obama?

Who will she pick as SecState…Susan Liar Rice…?

Who will she pick as Attorney Generalto insure her records are scrubbed…? Maybe Deval Patrick…?

Who’s she likely to pick for the Supreme Court? Eric Holder, – her husband Bill, Chris Matthews, John Kerry, Oprah…?

3rd stupidest congresswoman

Who would she pick to run the Defense Department and Homeland Security…Andrea Mitchell and Niki Tsongas…?

Silent Tsongas  baby killer

Who would be her Press Secretary, Katie Couric…?

Press Sec katie Couric

How many Mexican immigrants would she invite in? What would that do for Black unemployment…?

What’ more important; – gay wedding cakes or stopping Islamic Terrorism?

Why don’t high schools teach about female genital mutilation, and about why Muslims practice it?

If Democrats are against female mutilation, – why do they still favor abortion?

Why can’t Hillary, Kerry and Obama say the words “Islamic Terrorism”?

Is it because they’ve taken so much Arab money…?

Is Obama a Muslim himself?

Are high schools and colleges supposed to be ‘SAFE SPACES”,  – or places where ideas can be freely discussed…?

Is it OK for a family to draw endless welfare and never get jobs?

Why did our Founders give us the 2nd Amendment?

Any ‘friend’ or relative who is offended by your line of questioning – is no friend.  They are on the wrong side of History,  – and they’ve been helping tear own our country.


Speak to our Constitution and our American Values!

While you still can….

7 Responses to “Step Up Folks: BE THE REPUBLICAN!”

  1. Jim Gettens

    Yep, so now we’re down to a choice between a psychopathic criminal and pathological liar on the Dem side, and a fake ‘Republican’ who is so stupid and narcissistic that he makes ethnicity-based denigrating comments about the judge, son of LEGAL immigrants, presiding in the pending fraud case concerning Trump University, instead of confronting that Dem candidate head-on, and instead of announcing coherent plans to address the myriad problems and dangers besetting our Nation.

  2. Victor

    Surprised you’re endorsing Trump, other than the fact that he is not Hillary. His businesses have undoubtedly profited off of illegal immigration. He has spoken in support of gay marriage and transgender people using their preferred restrooms. He has said nothing about lowering taxes for the average middle class American. He says he’ll replace Obamacare with a “better” healthcare system. This blog was mostly started because it disagreed with even the principle of subsidized healthcare.

    In addition, the founding fathers of this country (Paine, Madison, Jefferson, Adams, Franklin) were lawyers, scholars, philosophers and/or thinkers. The Tea Party rightfully adorns these men. However, they were not rich, spoiled businessmen like Trump and Romney (who you appeared to endorse/praise in 2012). I understand that the founders were alive in different times, but the founders mostly behaved prudently and academically, while Trump acts as a rabble-rouser and a hypocrite.

    I know we see eye-to-eye about Hillary Clinton, but I also see deep character flaws in Donald Trump. I will investigate the third party candidates this election.

  3. Iron Mike

    Victor, you push to the breaking point my ability to offer you a civil response….

    Look at the history of 3rd party candidates….

    In 2000 Green activist Ralph Nadar cost Gore the presidency [thank God]!

    In 1992 Ross Perot’s 19.7 million conservative / independent votes cost GHWB a second term, – and put the lying priapic Clinton in the White House,…thus giving us the Hillary candidacy today….

    Your juvenile emotional search for a >’perfect gentleman candidate’ will mean absolutely nothing by midnight on November 8th….

    ….your ‘teach both parties a LESSON’ vote won’t even rise to the level of an asterisk(*) – if Hillary wins,…and begins 8 years of progressive / criminal occupation of the White House. By 2024 you won’t even recognize this country….

    SO,…for the RECORD,…I don’t ‘endorse’ Trump.

    I simply see him as an honest man with a totally documented résumé and no trail of dead bodies in his wake.

    I truly wish he wouldn’t say ~ some ~ things, but I’m DELIGHTED he says other things, – like halting Muslim immigration for awhile, – and building a WALL.

    Since I know History I understand what the Muslims are after, and I know what happens to civilizations when hordes of strangers invade unchecked. Rome has never been the same,…and now all of Europe is falling….

    You have 161 days to grow up and pull up your big boy pants. Trump is not ‘ideal’ – but fully acceptable, – and he LOVES our country.

    Hillary is totally unacceptable, should be in PRISON [or before a firing squad], – and she will loot and destroy our Republic while Bill fucks interns in the Lincoln Bedroom again.

  4. Walter Knight

    I endorse Trump.

  5. Mt Woman

    Thank you Iron Mike!! No, Trump is not my ideal nominee either, but above all else, I BELIEVE THAT HE TRULY LOVES AMERICA. I cannot say the same for almost everyone involved with the DNC. I’m sick and tired of this litmus test for candidates: who would you rather have a beer with–such sophomoric way to pick our next President, the highest office in the land and possibly the most important position in the world.

  6. Gabrielle Seunagal

    It is most unfortunate that Democrats do not have a grasp on reality and important issues. Thankfully, Crooked Hillary Clinton is their nominee and is so flawed and disliked that she will easily be annihilated in the general election. We need to restore conservatism and common sense in America.

  7. Kojack

    Mike, thank you for such an informed and eloquent response to Victor. You echoed my (and many other supporter’s) sentiments about Trump perfectly.

    Victor, how have things turned out so far under the “leadership” of the ivy league educated ruling elite?!?!?

    BTW – George Washington, Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren, Zachary Taylor, Abraham Lincoln and Harry Truman didn’t go to college either.


    Hey, don’t be too hard….Victor means well,…it’s just that youth thing…. He’ll grow old like us, become covered with thick bark and moss…