STEM Students Walk Out On RATS!

Posted May 9th, 2019 by Iron Mike

It was advertised as a vigil – a memorial and healing event for kids shaken by a mass school shooting.  BUT IT WASN’T!  It was hijacked by the Brady Gun Violence group as an anti-gun rally. The kids weren’t buying it!

The politicians and the union officials came with a political message that just didn’t sit well with these kids. They demanded to speak, – were rudely rebuffed, – and walked out.


That seems to be both the Democrat motto and the driving force behind why the politicians, the union leaders, and the ‘educators’ organized the vigil.  But after several speakers essentially ignored the mood of the kids before them, and began to lambaste the NRA and guns, – the mood became uncomfortable.

Blaming GUNS wasn’t selling with this crowd.  They know the shooters, – KNOW they are mental and physical defects,  – and those GUNS weren’t to blame, the shooters were!

After the politicians had gotten their photo-ops and departed,  – many of the kids returned to the gym and held their own assembly.

LESSON FOR DEMOCRATS:  A ‘vigil’ is where you come to remember somebody who got killed, to speak of that person’s decent qualities, – and maybe how he / she impacted your life….

It’s OK to ask God to look after his soul,  and to help with your grieving.

A ‘vigil’ is NOT the place to practice your stump speech.

LESSON FOR THE KIDS: You deserve far better than Michael Bennet and Jason Crow.   VOTE these vote farmers O-U-T-!

Crow you can help get rid of in 2020.  Bennet won in 2016 with under 50% (4-way race) so come 2022 you’ll have a shot at booting him.

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