Stay Focused On Benghazi America

Posted June 8th, 2013 by Iron Mike


Obama – the undocumented Manchurian pResident – runs a cartel with only one purposeto destroy the American you grew up in.

We can only guess at the depths of his hatred and loathing for everything we respect and hold dear.

He and his lackeys have committed serious criminal acts – treason really, – and he’ll leak news of many other lesser sins to distract you.

Stay focused on Benghazi!   His plot that day failed, and Americans were murdered – because of a staged kidnapping designed to preoccupy the media in the weeks leading up to his re-election. AND, he was [probably still is] – smuggling weapons to our enemy – al Qaeda.

Now he’s gambling he can keep the media and you distracted past November 2014 – the Midterm Elections

He believes he can keep the Senate – maybe even use the proven scourge ‘Tea Party Republicans‘ to regain the House.  Then he would be impeachment-proof.

But,…there are twenty (20) Class II Democrat senators either retiringor up for re-election in seats they barely hold.  If we can dump those bastards, – and hold the house, – we can impeach BOTH Obama and the Village Idiot – AND…try Hillary for TREASON! 

3 Responses to “Stay Focused On Benghazi America”

  1. Tom

    Let’s call it Obamunism, Communism or Marxist Socialism, this man and his cartel must be stopped.

  2. Casey Chapman

    We need to hold the house and take back the senate. That’s the only way to put the cabosh on Obama’s policies and his fondness for Agenda21.

  3. Flick

    Can anyone imagine where we’d be without at least the RINO House? I dread the thought.